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To better assist those that are joining in the Star Wars Universe, we have gone ahead and compiled some useful links for beginners to reference to see what they will need to know about this version of Star Wars after the creation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. While some may not be too fond of the removal of much canon from previous novels, or scripts do understand that does not mean that Galaxies will not be incorporating some of the old forgotten history. 

The time frame that you will be allowed to RP in for the sake of this galaxy will be starting in the year of 280 ABY. The original timeline of events that occurred in Star Wars will be provided below:

Original Timeline

New Timeline  

For the sake of this RP galaxy there will be some posting of information hereafter on what is what and how all these Powers-That-Be came into being. 

Antari Timeline

Galactic Federation Triumvirate - Failure (180 ABY - 220 ABY) 

181 ABY

  • The Triumvirate begins to lose stability over the controlled star systems and power struggles within the Trium rise to an all time high. A revolt between force sensitives and regular leaders begins the first splinter in the galaxy that leads in an all out conflict within the core worlds 

185 ABY 

  • For the next couple of years the force sensitives are forced to surrender and are exiled to the northern edge of the galaxy. They find refuge on the planet of Velmor who had for some time now grown in power without any intervention from the Galactic Federation. 

187 ABY

  • The Triumvirate falls completely with nothing able to hold a balance of power. This gives rise to numerous other factions to take hold. One of these powers being the Mandalorians who has been growing their strength to one day have their vengeance on the galaxy. Velmor is the first to recognize this threat and amasses resources in preparation by forming alliance with numerous worlds and stretching their influence beyond the borders of the known galaxy. 

190 ABY 

  • Hutt Space sees an opportunity to grow their reach and begins the slow conquest of neighboring systems not previously under their control. 

193 ABY 

  • Dantooine begins to house the remnants of the Fallen Republic. Leaders of the old governance seek out a means of bringing back their forgotten order. 

  • The Mandalorians push out from Mandalore and fall upon the planet of Dathomir. This is where the first arrangement is made between the Mandalorians and Night Sisters. Together they formulate a plan to grow their control and military might. 

  • The Velmorian Alliance is birthed and consisting of the following systems: Velmor, Anteevy, Garos, Azure, Roche and The Wheel. 

195 ABY

  • A new power begins to rise within the core worlds and those who had been influenced by the imperials of old grow a new identity to neither allow the Republic or Empire from ever rising again. A young political figure takes the duty of leading this movement and utilizing various sources is successful in establishing a new form of government. 

  • Ambassador Ellis Vas' is the first to bare the title of Supreme Overseer at the age 27 and he establishes a council of twelve to aid in the oversight of the galactic sectors. 

199 ABY 

  • Ellis Vas' is soon married to Neela Organa.

  • The Velmorian Alliance expands to include further star systems and commences to engage the Mandalorian and Dathomirian Dominion. 

210 ABY

  • Senator Gil'lek Fallenstar raises a in secret a cue to remove Ellis from high position. Five others aid him with support to petition for the Supreme Overseers removal. 

  • A vote is cast but the results prove not to be in Gil'leks favor. Instead he hires assassins to murder Ellis. 

211 ABY

  • Belle Vas' is born. 

  • Ellis Vas' is murdered and his wife is left a single mother with their newly born daughter. Gil'lek Fallenstar takes power as the new Supreme Overseer without much opposition. 

220 ABY 

  • The Mandalorians overtake Dathomir and the Night Sisters become members of the Mandalorian Resurgence under the new Mandalore. 

Era of Galactic Supremacy (220 ABY - 236 ABY) 

221 ABY

  • Some of the senators under the Galactic Resurgence begin to doubt the rule under their new overseer. In response to this a secret council is formulated to discuss arrangements for potential changes that could be made for the betterment of the entire galaxy. 

  • The Velmorian Alliance takes more planets under their protection. With a vast territory to cover, they amass a technology from the far reaches of the galaxy from those scouts fleets sent out years back. The technology is unknown but put to good use within new starships that would hold the very defense capabilities needed against the Mandalorians and Galactic Supremacy. 

  • Supreme Overseer Fallenstar is blessed with a son named Kias Fallenstar. 

224 ABY

  • The Mandalorian Resurgence begins plans to take the northern territories within contested space for their own and three fleets are sent in to scout. 

  • An enemy fleet is encountered within the northern territories. It is later discovered by the Mandalorians that the small attack forces belonged to remnants of the Old Republic. Mandalore the Formidable declares all out war with the remnant forces and orders his clan leaders to take their space under his name. 

227 ABY

  • The Galactic Supremacy receives reports of small skirmishes in the northern territories and sends a contingency force to investigate under the command of Admiral Gerek and Captain Davis. 

  • Arriving within the contested territory, Admiral Gerek orders for a split in forces to cover more territory. Captain Davis is against the idea but a call in rank is made. Unable to do anything further, Captain Davis does as commanded and leads the smaller fleet dubbed Sabor. 

  • Sabor Fleet soon discovers a remnant forces mining facility on the planet of Phaeda. Captain Davis, rather than attack these forces sends a task force to investigate the planets service. They uncover a new ore that could supply the means for increased ship hull defense. Davis has his fleet scan for nearby ships and finds a small number of frigates a few kilometers from the equator. Taking this information he coordinates with ground forces and his fleet to successfully take the remnant by surprise and takes the mining facility. 

228 ABY

  • A year into their investigations and Captain Davis has already compiled an impressive resume within the norther territories. He establishes a base for himself and the Galactic Supremacy on the planet of Phaeda. His engineers begin work on upgrading the hull of their vessels as well. 

  • The Galactic Supremacy launches their first push into contested space. 

229 ABY

  • Admiral Gerek sends out a distress call to all nearby Supremacy forces. Captain Davis is the first to respond and takes a quarter of his fleet. Upon discovery of the distress signals location he is greeted by a large Mandalorian task group making a push of their own into this sector of space. Admiral Gerek's forces are surrounded and unable to maneuver. Captain Davis coordinates best he can to liberate the Admiral but his efforts prove fruitless and Executor Fleet is lost. Sabor Fleet is forced to retreat with only four vessels still in tact but heavily damaged. In his report, Davis admits that his fleet would have been lost with the Admiral's had it not been for the hull upgrade. 

231 ABY

  • The Galactic Supremacy declares war on the Mandalorians but does not see them as a resurgence from prior events in the past. They also place a reward for those who may hold any information on the so called "Republic Remnant."

  • Belle Vas' meets Kias Fallenstar in the galactic market districts and a friendship is made. 

  • Neela Organa dies from cancer. 

  • The Republic Remnant knowing of the importance of their lost mining facility make plans to retake it. 

234 ABY

  • Overseer Fallenstar becomes aware of his sons friendship to Belle Vas' but uncovers that her mother is dead. The knowing that she is unaware of his involvement to her fathers death is bitter sweet. 

  • The Velmorian Alliance tries to make diplomatic relations with the Hutts but the attempts over the next couple years prove fool-hearty. 

236 ABY

  • The Hutts agree to open trade with the Velmorian Alliance but that is about as far as things go in either factions favor. 

Era of Guerrilla Warfare (237 ABY - 253 ABY) 

238 ABY

  • Overseer Fallenstar begins to fall ill and makes a move to have his son to take his place. Kias is more than honored and works his way into politics. 

  • The Galactic Supremacy pushes the Mandalorians out of contested space but current tactics by the Republic Remnant prove claiming the northern territories more than difficult for the Supremacy. 

241 ABY

  • Kias Fallenstar proposes to Belle Vas' and the two become wed. 

243 ABY 

  • The monarchy upon Velmor is disbanded and a Priem takes power with support from various ministers. 

246 ABY

  • Guerrilla tactics under the Republic Remnant prove useful against the Mandalorians and Galactic Supremacy from taking the northern territories, but progress is slow. A movement to open negotiations with a great power to the east of the Mandalorian Resurgence becomes a dire need. 

  • First attempt to breach Mandalorian controlled space proves to be a failure as the scout fleet is destroyed by a system satellite. 

250 ABY

  • Kias Fallenstar now Senator Fallenstar has proven to be a formidable politician and overseer of the western territories. The other senators see this as a potential to test to see if he could handle the northern territories. 

  • Belle Fallenstar is gravely disappointed as she and her husband are given the news of a miscarriage. Dread washes over the two at this news. 

  • The Velmorian Alliance begins to make ground against the Mandalorians with their new fleets and defenses. 

253 ABY

  • The Supreme Overseer dies and Kias is seen as the best candidate for the title. He takes an oath upon his fathers grave that the northern territories will be taken. 

Rise of the Republic Remnant (253 ABY - 265 ABY)

254 ABY 

  • A second attempt is made to breach the borders of the Mandalorians. The attempt is somewhat successful with new shielding technology received from an anonymous race the west of the galaxy. The Republic Remnant at last enters Velmorian Alliance Space. 

255 ABY

  • Diplomat Sher's L'ra opens negotiations with Minister Dron on the planet of Lucazec. 

257 ABY 

  • The Fallenstars are blessed with a son they come to name Tyberius Fallenstar. 

  • Overseer Kias launches a large fleet to breach the northern territories for galactic takeover. 

260 ABY

  • Full scale war begins to shadow over the northern territories as three factions fight for control of the sector. 

262 ABY 

  • At the age of five, Tyberius is discovered to have immense ability to manipulate matter. History would call his ability to control the Force. 

  • Belle Fallenstar discusses with her husband her knowledge of a planet that trains force sensitives and pleads with him to secretly send their son there for education. He agrees and highers a pilot to take their child. 

263 ABY 

  • Tyberius arrives on Velmor and is taken into the academy for training. 

265 ABY

  • Master Geronus takes on the young Tyberius as his apprentice and enlightens him in both the light and dark sides of the Force. The youths education proves most fruitful and his ability to learn is immense. 

  • Tyberius is discovered to hold a high control of the Force and able to manipulate objects five times larger than his own master. 

The Era of Conquest (267 ABY - 280 ABY)

267 ABY 

  • The Galactic Supremacy procures further resources and an academy for force sensitives is made with the hopes of acquiring assets that could aid in a much quicker conquest of the galaxy. 

  • Overseer Kias gives orders to find the best force sensitive teachers in the galaxy for higher or for assimilation. 

  • The first teachers arrive to the academy on Tython and students are soon taken in from across Supremacy Space. 

268 ABY

  • The first students within the academy show much promise and further investments are poured in to ensure increased progress. 

  • Now eleven years old, Tyberius is moved quickly through his training and accepted into the Trials where upon his passing would be granted full membership as Guardian. 

270 ABY

  • The Velmorian Alliance hears word of the Galactic Supremacy opening a force sensitive academy. This rouses concern and Priem Valkerie opens a state of emergency for all ministers to meet upon the capital world of Velmor. 

  • Mandalorians begin to make their way toward the southern territories of the galaxy where news of neutral groups takes much interest. 

271 ABY 

  • Priem Valkerie is successful is persuading the ministers into action and further funds are poured into the force sensitive academy on Velmor. 

273 ABY 

  • The Mandalorian Resurgence opens trade with a number of worlds in the southern territories of the galaxy. Mustafar falls to their control and Tatooine becomes a next key target to take from the Hutt Cartel which holds vast ties to planets in the sector. 

275 ABY 

  • Tyberius, now having passed the trials leaves the academy on Velmor and returns to his home on Coruscant where the knowledge he had gained gives rise for ambitions of his own. 

  • Master Geronus is wary of his old pupils ambitions and pursues him. 

276 ABY 

  • Overseer Fallenstar is greeted by his son after a meeting with the senators. They speak for time on how his sons training had gone and of how his father had decided on opening an academy on the planet of Tython. Aware of the history of that planet, Tyberius is pleased with the news. However, he is not pleased with what they will be used for. Instead of allowing those plans to continue, Tyberius kills his father by using Force Drain. His old master arrives on the scene but it too late...using this to his advantage he yells for the guards who rush in to find Master Geronus with a drawn lightsaber and Tyberius holding his dead father. Geronus deflects blaster bolts toward a number of guards but is soon struck down by those wielding blades of their own. 

  • The discovery of where Geronus came from and the emblem upon his robe leads the senators to declare war on the Velmorian Alliance for the death of their Overseer. Tyberius fools this with it being a conspiracy from the beginning as the Velmorian Alliance wishing to overthrow the Galactic Supremacy by removing the leadership.

277 ABY 

  • Tyberius utilizing the Force nudges the senators into accepting him as the new Supreme Overseer. At the age of nineteen he becomes the youngest Overseer in galactic history. His authority is unquestioned and his command of the Force, respected. He changes the plans for the force sensitive academy on Tython and moves to have his brethren as his personal aids. 

  • Force sensitives are given high titles and status within the Galactic Surpemacy with many privileges and benefits so long as they served as the personal guards or military of the Supremacy. 

278 ABY 

  • The first conquest fleets of the Galactic Supremacy breach Velmorian Alliance Space. Priem Ulysses takes action and declares war on the Galactic Supremacy and sends forth the might of their fleets to defend their borders against both the Supremacy and Mandalorians. 

279 ABY 

  • Priem Ulysses speaks with the High Council and pleads with them to aid in the war effort against the Galactic Supremacy. News of Geronus death is not new at all and they understand the need for their involvement. They agree to assist within the boundaries of Velmorian Space, but they would not be soldiers for the chaos. 

The Second Great Galactic War (280 ABY - Present)

280 ABY

  • The Second Great Galactic War is declared across the star systems with the major powers being the Galactic Supremacy, Mandalorian Resurgence, Hutt Dominion, Republic Remnant (later to be Galactic Resistance) and Velmorian Alliance.  


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