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Name: Tyberius Fallenstar
Age: 23 Standard Galactic Years
Race: Human
Homeworld: Coruscant
Height: 6’0’’
Weight: 207lbs
Eye Color: Electric Blue
Skin Tone: Light tan

Born from the long line and descendant of Bale Organa, Tyberius received the ability to control the Force and raised under the name Fallenstar. This name would be that of a traitor who had manipulated and murdered Ellis Vas’. In the years after the murder of the once Supreme Overseer, Gil’lek Fallenstar would bare the new title and have a son who would later marry the daughter of Ellis Vas’. From this matrimony is where Tyberius would come into being and like his grandfather…he too would hold powerful ambitions.
Raised on the proud world of Coruscant which had stood as the center hub for all the galaxy, Tyberius would be loved by his mother Belle Vas’. Through his youth he would come to know very little of his father as he prided himself in ruling a firm hand over the Galactic Supremacy. But, it would be in his mother that Tyberius would grow an extreme love and bonding. In this bond is where Tyberius would come to the means of manipulating the Force. From this discovery his mother would plead to his father for their child to be taken to the force sensitive academy deep within unfamiliar space. The arrangements were made and Tyberius would leave his family for nearly fifteen years.
In the year of 263 ABY, the young Fallenstar is trained alongside a number of youth capable of utilizing the same manipulation of Force control. Found to be stronger than the rest in the next few years, a Master of the academy would take personal interest in the human’s abilities. Master Geronus would later take Tyberius as his apprentice only two years following and the two commence their long journey together toward the Trials.
Tyberius was a natural in the Force and his physical abilities were on par with just about any Knight within the academy. However, Geronus could always sense some deep abiding passion that clung to the boy through his training, almost a hunger for more. This very feeling is what struck the Master with some concern as to how the youth would develop and he made it a point to watch the growing protégé.
A year following his taking as apprentice, Tyberius would rouse even more suspicion when a raid of the moon Limus of the planet Anteevy by Mandalorian forces would invoke the sending of a task force by the Velmorian Alliance. Master Geronus and Tyberius would be among the task force sent to the moon to investigate. Upon their arrival, the task force would find a small platoon of Mandalorian soldiers seeking to recover vital information from the Velmorian research facility. The Velmorian forces were outnumbered and nearly outgunned but through the conflict that sparked upon that moon, Tyberius lost control and blood drunk when one of the Velmorian soldiers, and best friend Kal J’ur was killed. Enraged by his friend’s death, Tyberius unleashed his furry upon the Mandalorians and using dark powers that none should ever have to use.
The mission was a success but at great cost. Master Gernonus would submit his report but all concerning his own apprentice he was sure to leave out. Instead, he would bring forth information on how the Velmorian soldiers were successful in foiling the enemy into overloading the surrounding terminals and thus sending a massive electrical surge that penetrated a number of the enemy forces within the facility. The rest were gunned down, or taken as prisoners. Any further information would not be expressed toward the Council and Master Geronus would school his apprentice on why such power were never to be used. Tyberius understood his masters concerns but, he cared little on what the old Draethos had to say.
Sadly, Tyberius had been schooling himself in the dark side of the Force within the library of the academy. There were all kinds of information on the old ways and the great battles between Jedi and Sith. It was in the Sith that the young male found some strong connection and most of all within the very code they once followed. Passion was his strongest ally and through that ally he was able to master further control of the Force. His peers were cautious to not indulge their passions as much as they needed and instead sought guidance in the lighter side of the Force as a means of emotional control. Tyberius thought this foolish and chastised those who did not embrace their emotions more readily. Even his own master embraced emotions as a means of harnessing a greater power. However, Master Geronus saw emotions as co-existent with peace. There could not be one without the other and for some reason Tyberius had manipulated this into meaning something else entirely.
In the years that followed and the trials that the young Fallenstar would undertake, his ambitions only soured. Soon, his time for the Trials had at last come and he would pass with phenomenal colors as was expected by a number of his mentors. From this he would at last have the means of leaving the planet and instead of taking on the missions assigned by the High Council, Tyberius left for the Galactic Supremacy and to supposedly reconnect with his family. Master Geronus was not to opt into believing his former apprentice and would follow him into the heart of a formidable galactic power.
Soon upon his arrival within the Galactic Supremacy, Tyberius would come into knowledge of a new force sensitive academy created by his father. However, the very nature as to why this academy existed at all is what would anger the young Fallenstar beyond all measure. This made his visit even more different from what it originally was going to be and Tyberius would first visit his father, the Supreme Overseer. Their chat would be long and ambitions were shared between father and son. In the end, they agreed on a number of issues for galactic advancement but there was one in particular that they did not meet eye-to-eye on. That very topic would be involving the use as force sensitives as merely tools for conquest rather than formidable allies. Taking this as a sign of weakness from his father, Tyberius would kill him as per traditions of the Sith and in so doing take up the title of Supreme Overseer. But, like the mission on Limus it came at a great price…
The loss of both his father and greatest mentor, Master Geronus. Geronus had arrived at the exact moment of the fallen Overseer and to his great fear his apprentice was responsible. He pleaded for his old apprentice to turn back from the path he now followed and even telling him of the costs it had so far. Tyberius knew what he wanted and knew how far he would go to get it. No one could stand in his way. Not even his old mentor and friend. He summoned the guards into the chamber and from there is when Geronus would fall not as a hero, but a villain to the Galactic Supremacy and thus leading the great galactic power to setting their sights on the Velmorian Alliance. 
From this loss Tyberius would claim his seat of power within the Galactic Supremacy and instill new laws benefiting the force sensitive community and placing them at the top of societal status. They were seen as far more valuable and important within the galactic community. Only they were accepted into the Supreme Guard and only they could hold high stations of power beneath the Supreme Overseer. In the year of 280 ABY, Tyberius would hold a vast power and wealth to conquer the known galaxy and perhaps…even beyond.


Strength - Level III
Speed - Level II
Endurance - Level III
Intelligence - Level IV

Lightsaber Form: Level IV

  • Shii-Cho - Level III
  • Soresu - Level II
  • Ataru - Level III
  • Shien - Level II

Martial Arts: Level III

  • Teras Kasi - Level II
  • Rek'Dul - Level II

Force Powers/Biotics: Level V

  • Light Side Control - Level III
  • Dark Side Control - Level IV

Telekinesis - Level V

  • Force Scream
  • Inscribe Knowledge
  • Shatterpoint
  • Force Dash > Force Speed > Force Step
  • Force Jump > Force Leap 
  • Force Breath
  • Force Concealment
  • Force Sphere
  • Force Armor
  • Force Sense > Force Sight 
  • Force Listen
  • Telepathy 
  • Force Mend
  • Force Body
  • Force Stun
  • Force Revitalize 
  • Force Push > Force Whirlwind > Force Wave 
  • Force Phase
  • Comprehend Speech
  • Force Persuasion > Force Suppression 
  • Force Wound > Force Choke > Force Grip 
  • Force Resistance > Force Immunity 
  • Force Absorb > Force Energize 
  • Force Deflection > Force Protection 
  • Force Shock > Force Lightning > Force Storm - Chain Lighting 
  • Force Rage 
  • Force Fear
  • Battle Meld 
  • Force Rend
  • Force Weapon
  • Psychometry  
  • Tear Knowledge 
  • Mirror Image
  • Drain Life 
  • Deadly Sight 
  • Force Combustion 
  • Sever Force
  • Terrakinesis 
  • Lightsaber Throw 
  • Telekinetic Combat Level I > Combat Level II

Force Count: 57/55 Needed

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