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Force Powers & Proficiencies

These powers represent everything that make a Jedi, Sith, or Supremacy member
extraordinarily powerful beyond anything that they could do with a lightsaber alone. The stages
of control over the Force are named just like the levels of the lightsabers for the fact that usually,
one’s training in the Force does start at a young age and continues from there (usually, in
simultaneity with lightsaber training). A primitive interpretation of the Force is that as one uses
more negative emotions they become more corrupt and as a result of this belief, more than
anything, lose the ability to travel across the spectrum. Likewise, on the side of Light who is
allegedly ‘pure’ and likewise loses their ability to use darker powers. The Supremacy, however
recognizes that the most powerful Force users are those who can move across the entire spectrum
without losing themselves to one side or the other as was the case with Darth Revan. Therefore,
the Supremacy requires that one become as knowledgeable with the powers of the Dark Side as
the Light and Neutral then learn how to anchor themselves in the neutrality of the Force before
being allowed to see combat. Physical attributes are not necessarily a must due to the fact that
even Hutts have been known to use the Force despite being slobs and therefore, a heightening of
intelligence with it, mental reservoirs.

  • Youngling Force Proficiency: At this stage, one either is untempered and incapable of many a Force power or is otherwise uncontrollable and (in rarer cases) unintentionally release powers upon those who attack them. There are basic powers that can and should be learned before advancing to greater levels. This is a level at which all Force sensitives start out before ascending to higher levels with training and is the level most likely to shape their ability to traverse the spectrum of Light and Dark for years to come. No intelligence is required because powers manifested are usually instinctual and no more than five have ever been known to manifest in a person at this level.
  • Prerequisites: None

  • Padawan Force Proficiency: This is a level where Jedi Padawans, Sith Apprentices, or Supremacy Disciples are required to reach before being allowed to serve missions with their mentors. Dueling is not usually recommended but is plausible at this stage. If youngling level acolytes are trained in Light and Dark Side powers, this is the point where they can achieve the first level of Light or Dark Side Control.
  • Prerequisites: Any 10 Force Powers acquired at Youngling level. Intelligence Level I

  • Knight Force Proficiency: This is a level where Jedi Knights, Sith Lords, or Supremacy Warriors usually reach before being allowed to take active combat missions on behalf of their respective orders as well as teach it to disciples.
  • Prerequisites: Any 20 Force Powers acquired. First Light and/or Dark Side Levels of Control. Intelligence Level II

  • Master Force Proficiency: Where a Knight, Lord, or Warrior is proficient enough to serve active missions, Masters are so proficient as to be able to use their powers to complete missions without batting an eye. The body is still taxed at this point but unlike the previous level, one does not usually need to rely on a physical weapon as heavily. Those who started early on finding balance can rely on a great arsenal of both diplomatic and destructive powers to become better warriors, especially within the Supremacy.
  • Prerequisites: Any 30 Force Powers acquired. Second Light and/or Dark Side Levels of ControlIntelligence Level III

  • Councilor Force Proficiency: Where a Master is even better than the Knight level Force sensitive in using the Force for missions, the Councilor is so proficient that there are few times where they need call upon a lightsaber or physical weapon to fight. There are those superior who do force them to draw out the blade but when that occurs, the Councilor is so versatile that they know every power that can enhance their combat prowess to the maximum needed to win. Few powers can truly drain on their physical and mental reserves because of the years normally required to train.
  • Prerequisites: Any 40 Force Powers acquired. Third Light and/or Dark Side Levels of ControlIntelligence Level IV

  • Grandmaster Force Proficiency: The rarest ascertainment of Force powers possible, a Grandmaster is seemingly omnipotent when it comes to the Force. For Supremacy leaders who obtain this level of control in all expressions of the Force, there is almost no one in the galaxy who can touch them. Only the strongest, most taxing Force powers have the ability to drain their physical and mental reserves as this is usually the level where such powers are possible.
  • Prerequisites: Any 55 Force Powers acquired. Fourth Light and/or Dark Side Levels of Control

Light Side Control 

This is the side of Force Control that Jedi called Purity in olden days but is recognized for what it is, Light Side Control, by the Supremacy. Powers that reside here are those involving healing, nurturing, morale boosting, and other such acts of selflessness. Only the most calm, serene, adepts can use such powers if they be Jedi Masters or Supremacy Monks.

● Level I: This is the level where Jedi Padawans are often asked to reach before being apprenticed to a Knight or Master. Here, basic powers that enarmor, moralize, or enhance the Padawan’s basic physical prowess's are expected.
○ Prerequisites: Padawan Level Force Proficiency, any four Light Side powers.

● Level II: This is the level usually ascertained by Jedi Knights before being granted Knighthood. Here, basic powers are expanded upon and Knights can serve a wide variety of fields from being high performance Jedi Guardians to versatile Jedi Sentinels.
○ Prerequisites: Padawan Force Proficiency, any eight Light Side Force Powers

● Level III: The level ascertained by Jedi Masters, this is the level that is typically seen in Jedi Consulars, specializing more heavily in the rituals and complex practices of various Force powers in contrast to the Jedi Guardian’s favoritism of the lightsaber. However, either class and Sentinels can see a range of Force powers of this size and often do.
○ Prerequisites: Knight Force Proficiency, any twelve Light Side Powers

● Level IV: Where Jedi are concerned, the state of Light that is normally the highest expression of devotion to the Light. Not only to they focus all their reserves on healing, barriers, and other pacifistic expressions of the Force but they can also utilize the few offensive powers that include Force Enlightenment at the level of Councilors and Grandmasters, especially. Their aura shines as bright as an average sized sun and DarkSide users grow wearied in their presence and are deterred from facing them.
○ Prerequisites: Master Force Proficiency, any sixteen Light Side powers

● Level V: A level only achieved by those Jedi who have trained for many decades, experienced the most trauma concerning the Dark Side, or have followed the Jedi way for more than a couple centuries ever reach this state. Luke Skywalker and Yoda are the only two Grandmasters who have wielded at least this level of Light Side potential or surpassed it, meanwhile this has remained the level ascertained by most Council members in one way or the other.
○ Prerequisites: Councilor Force Proficiency, any twenty Light Side powers

Dark Side Control

● Level I: This is often the level that the typical Sith apprentice starts with when training. They have the burning inside them but have no ability to use any powers.
○ Prerequisites: Young Level Force Proficiency.

● Level II: The level usually acquired by experienced Sith Apprentices and the likely time in which their Masters will begin sending them on missions that test their limits and (hopefully) get them killed before they become strong enough to surpass the Master. Here, a character has the flame of the Dark Side but can still be turned away from it although this hope can be dashed if they are left alone with it or thrust into points where they have to delve into it for long periods on end
○ Prerequisites: Padawan Level Force Proficiency, four Dark Side powers.

● Level III: This is usually the level obtained by the average Sith Lord or the Apprentice who has trained for much of their lives as Darth Maul and Galen Marek did. At this point, Masters have respect for their capabilities but are forced to increasingly instigate the day where the Apprentice will try to seize the mantle of Master by slaying their mentor. The
orange yellow mark on the pupils of their eyes do manifest but they can still be made to disappear from their eyes if need be.
○ Prerequisites: Knight Force Proficiency, any twelve Dark Side Powers

● Level IV: The level obtained by Sith Masters ready to pass on their teachings to an apprentice and suffer the fate of their predecessors. One who has trained at this level starts to experience signs of rapid physical deterioration and increasing mental instability. Their eyes are permanently marked orangeyellow,
a typical trait that distinguishes Sith from those around but a couple can and have managed to suppress any sign of darkness.
Darth Sidious is a good example of this in action.
○ Prerequisites: Master Force Proficiency, any sixteen Dark Side powers

● Level V: Where the typical Sith Master experiences signs of physical deformity and mental instability, a Dark Side user here is kept alive by their use of the Dark Side and often find unnatural ways in which to cheat death while their powers continue to consume their bodies and their souls from inside out. Darth Sidious and Darth Vitiate are both good examples of people who achieved this deep a fall into the Darkness that entraps all who seek to use the Force for its destructive purposes.
○ Prerequisites: Councilor Force Proficiency, any twenty Dark Side powers

List of Powers

Force Alchemy

Necromancy: The practitioner can reanimate the remains of the deceased by using spirits of the dark side (or sanctify the undead to give them eternal peace using the light side). The creatures, typically referred to as zombies or the undead, are loyal to their creator and will follow their orders until either the host body is completely destroyed or until the spirit within is exorcised.

● Requires: Control Proficiency IV, Light Side Control III (sanctification) / Dark Side
Control III (reanimation)

Metallurgy: The practitioner can craft special arms and armor imbued with the Force, offering a variety of effects such as the ability to deflect laser bolts, block lightsabers, absorb electrical energy, or channel pure light or dark energy through the blade. The effect is permanent and Force imbued weapons are practically indestructible, but the process of creating such a weapon
is long and arduous.

● Requires: Councilor Level Force Proficiency, Light Side Control III (light channeling) /
Dark Side Control III (dark channeling)

Venomancy: The practitioner can create or enhance toxins as well as their antidotes using the Force. Such creations include a powerful paralyzing agent known as ketosis; a crippling poison that caused long, drawnout periods of agonizing pain known as quell; an odorless, tasteless, colorless poison known for its extreme deadliness known as synox; and a specialized venom that
causes uncontrollable bouts of rage (and potentially madness) known as sanguine.

● Requires: Councilor Level Force Proficiency, Light Side Control III (antidotes) / Dark
Side Control III (poisons)

Transmutation: The practitioner can use the Force to genetically alter a living being to be faster, stronger, more brutal, more cunning, and in some cases, more intelligent. The changes cannot be reversed once applied, and affect the target to such a degree that their offspring would share the same genetic code and inherit the traits.

● Requires: Grandmaster Level Force Proficiency, Dark Side III

Rare Psychokinetic Force Powers

Force Walk: Requiring great strength of will, one can use this ability to bind the restless ghosts of dead Force users to their self. Once bound, the user may draw from the ghost's power, channeling it into a powerful exertion of Force energy. Binding an unwilling ghost allows the user to draw more power while taking a willing one does the opposite. Binding multiple spirits
can quickly overwhelm the host, inflicting physical and spiritual sickness as well as violent expressions of uncontrollable power.

● Requires: Grandmaster Level Force Proficiency, Dark Side Control IV

Force Scream: A rare phenomenon in the Force during which a user, when faced with great pain or anger, attunes completely to the dark side, releasing an involuntary scream of anguish or hate that causes extensive damage to their surroundings. With tremendous skill and training, one may harness this power into an on command ability.

● Requires: Councilor, Dark Side Control III

Transfer Essence: An incredibly rare dark side power used to transfer one's consciousness into another body, or even in some cases, an inanimate object. The previous body is destroyed in the

● Requires: Grandmaster Level Force Proficiency, Dark Side Control Level III

Inscribe Knowledge: The act of inscribing one's knowledge into crystallattice containers to create what is known as a holocron. Holocrons are databases that can contain phenomenal amounts of data, limited only by what its creator has to share. As they are incredibly difficult to create, and since a single user would have no reason to create multiple devices, holocrons are
extremely rare.

● Requires: Grandmaster Level Force Proficiency.

Powers of Life and Death incarnate

Force Enlightenment: When faced with great adversity or a lifethreatening situation, the user can attune completely to the light side of the Force, pushing their own skills beyond their current training or even understanding to protect others or avoid death. Enlightenment is achieved through extensive and prolonged study of the Force.

● Requires: Grandmaster Level Force Proficiency, Light Side Control Level V

Force Ghost: The soul and essence of a deceased Forcesensitive who has denied the will of the Force upon death, yet is able to continue interacting with the living, albeit not physically. The secret to eternal life is closely guarded by the few who know it, and it takes a being of extraordinary power to be able to transcend death and remain a ghost once they have passed on..

● Requires: Grandmaster Level Force Proficiency.

Life Transfer: An extremely rare phenomenon in the Force where one can bring the recently deceased back to life by offering up part of their own life's essence to sustain the resurrection.

● Requires: Grandmaster Level Force Proficiency

Dark Transfer: An extremely rare phenomenon in the Force where one can bring the recently deceased back to life by offering up the life essence of a third party to sustain the resurrection.

● Requires: Grandmaster Level Force Proficiency

Other Rare Powers

Flashburn: Used to shut down sections of one's mind, erasing specific memories forever. While typically used on another, a user can flashburn their own minds to erase unwanted details. The power can become addicting to a user relying on it to eradicate negative memories and thoughts, and overuse of the ability can destroy one's mind. As such, it is an incredibly rare Force power taught only to those deemed responsible enough to wield it though some have been known to produce the power inadvertently as a response to traumatic events, then incapable of doing so
again later.

● Requires: Councilor Level Force Proficiency

Shatterpoint: A complex phenomenon in the Force, perceivable only by an innate talent or immense focus and concentration on the part of the user. Shatterpoints are akin to fault lines; similar to different pathways of actions. One capable of perceiving these faults through the Force can also influence them, "striking" them in such a way as to cause a specific response. When related to a physical object, a user can identify its flaws and weakest points, and shatter objects even thought to otherwise be indestructible; and when related to an event, a user can make circumstances transpire completely differently than they might otherwise have. Shatterpoints typically exist for brief moments only.

● Requires: Councilor Level Force Proficiency

Flow Walking: A meditative trance that allows the user to place themselves in a dreamlike enactment of a past event, or even one of the many possible future outcomes. While doing so can potentially change the user's perception of past events by seeing the truth as it was recorded in time, they cannot alter the past in any way; and while one can potentially witness the future unfold, they cannot be sure that the future they see is the one which will come to pass, nor that by actively attempting to change, manipulate or prevent it, that their meddling will not have consequences.

● Requires: Councilor Level Force Proficiency

Force Phantom: A ritual that allows one to create lifelike apparitions from the siphoned Force energy of another life form, irrespective of sentience, and project them across the expanse of the cosmos. An ability that requires considerable mental reserve and strength of will, Force Phantoms manifest in the physical realm and serve whatever inclinations their creator desires.

● Requires: Councilor Level Force Proficiency, Dark Side Control Level IV

Growing Powers

Telekinesis: The most basic Force power. Lift objects (such as a lightsaber) according to weight and concentration, and move them in any direction. Telekinesis is a power that continues to grow with its user, with a potential limited only by the capabilities of the one using it. As such, it cannot be merely "trained" like other powers, but rather is developed over time with the wielder's control proficiency. It has roughly five stages of strength which correspond to the capabilities of each rank for which training begins at the Youngling level and counts as only one power acquired:

  • Padawan Level Force Proficiency: May telekinetically manipulate small, light objects such as a datapad, lightsaber or blaster. Learned at the Youngling level and required.

  • Knight Level Force Proficiency: May telekinetically manipulate medium objects such as a chair, table or bed.

  • Master Level Force Proficiency: May telekinetically manipulate large, heavy objects such as a boulder, holoterminal or swoop.

  • Councilor Level Force Proficiency: May telekinetically manipulate massive objects such as an air speeder, transport vehicle or starfighter.

  • Grandmaster Level Force Proficiency: May telekinetically uproot small settlements, destroy entire shipyards, and even move entire armies across vast distances in small amounts of time. 

Youngling Level Force Powers

Description: These are powers which require Youngling level Proficiency to be achieved and
can fulfill the prerequisite requirement to achieve Padawan Level Proficiency. They are listed
first in order of Neutral Powers, Light Side, then Dark Side powers.


Force Dash: Maintain superhuman movement speeds for a brief time with the ability to run extended distances with no additional fatigue.

Force Jump: Augment natural leaping ability to perform awe inspiring vertical/horizontal leaps
with impunity.

Force Temperance: Allows the user to draw on the power of the Force to manipulate their body's temperature, to keep warm in a cold environment or cool in a hot one.

Force Armor: Creates a defensive layer on the skin of a target which reduces the damage caused by blaster fire, lightsabers and energy based Force powers by weakening the intensity of the harmful energy.

Force Sense: Used to perceive another being's disposition; ripples in the Force caused by momentous or traumatic events; impending danger and the presence of the light and dark sides of the Force. A must have for all Force sensitives.

Telepathy: The ability to mentally communicate over small or vast distances with other individuals. The range of telepathy itself is theoretically infinite, but the telepath must be within the line of sight of the target to force the initial connection, if the Telepath doesn't share a genuine bond. Thus, communicating with a weak bond becomes increasingly difficult over distances greater than a few kilometers, while communicating with one more consistently used become difficult at approximately 1,000 kilometers. However, the link between those who share a genuine bond is stronger, with close friends and master/apprentices capable of communicating across entire systems, while the link between lovers and close family could potentially have no limit. Usually acquired through combination of training and development of relationships.

Force Push: Create a telekinetic impulse via the Force, launching a concussive burst of pressurized air that can impact a target with enough force to knock it over, launch it into the air, or even shatter it into pieces. Reverse it to produce a pull instead.

Force Phase: Enables the user to pass through matter such as walls, doors and earth, so long as part of them exist on one side at any given time.

Comprehend Speech: Enables one to understand the spoken language of any sentient being interacted with, though it does not offer the means to speak or write it.

Force Scent: Allows the user to augment their sense of smell, enabling them to pick up scents they normally would be unable to detect.

Force Sight: Enhances visual, spatial and perceptions, including in the dark or behind walls, as well as through various Force powers. Also requires Force Sense before use.

Force Flash: The user can temporarily disable a security holo cam, causing a brief period of static, allowing the user to pass while only alerting security to a minor holo cam malfunction.

Force Wound: Attack a target by wrapping them in tendrils of invisible Force energy and applying pressure.

Padawan Level Force Powers

Description: The powers to compile on top of the ten accumulated during the Youngling Stage. Enough of these will help one advance to the next level.


Force Speed: See the world in slow motion, making it easier to dodge attacks, attack quicker and more accurately, and even run on vertical surfaces briefly. Also requires Force Dash before training.

Force Leap: Neutralize gravity to allow jumping between vertical surfaces, and falls from great heights without sustaining injury. Also requires Force Jump before training.

Force Breath: Allows the user to go without breathing for longer periods than ordinarily possible by using the reserve amounts of air in the lungs to sustain them. Also requires Force Temperance.

Force Concealment: Conceal entire presence in the Force by shrinking it to a microscopic size. While concealed, another Force sensitive cannot sense the user, regardless how strong in the Force they may be. The use of further Force powers, however, breaks the effect.

Force Sphere: Creates an eight-by-eight foot stationary sphere of red energy which absorbs energy attacks and inflicts severe burns to anything that comes in contact with it.

Force Listen: A user can enhance their auditory ability to hear sounds and voices clearly from a distance, or through doors and walls.

Force Camouflage: Remove all traces of presence from the minds of nearby observers, allowing for completely unnoticed movement, even while in plain sight. Because this power relies on mental manipulation, it is ineffective against droids, large groups of targets, or those employing Force Sight.

Light Side

Force Resistance: Negates the influence of the dark side by shielding the mind against temptations, and protects from mental attacks.

Force Orb: Forms an air bubble around the head of a target being, giving them the ability to breathe underwater temporarily.

Force Mend: Draw upon the Force to rapidly accelerate the natural healing process. It can only be used on oneself, and requires the user to enter a trance for the healing to work. Mending could close shallow wounds, heal minor burns, and neutralize weak poisons.

Force Stun: Temporarily deaden the senses and perceptions of a target, causing a moment of shock and confusion. Those strong of mind can typically resist the effects of this power, as well it is ineffective against droids and other inorganic beings.

Force Absorb: Enables the user to absorb various energies into the palm of their hand and dissipate them harmlessly to prevent damage and other dangers such as fires, explosions, electrical currents and blaster fire.

Force Revitalize: Allows the user to revitalize an exhausted, wounded or unconscious target giving them a renewed bout of energy temporarily.

Force Blind: A blinding flash of energy emanates from the user's hand, manifesting as a bright light that overloads a target's vision, causing a painless temporary blindness.

Force Valor: Increases the resolve, accuracy, and speed of one's self and their allies, improving the rate at which one's capacities function, allowing the body to move more quickly, strike more powerfully, and fight with improved accuracy while ignoring infirmities such as old age, obesity or crippled limbs.

Dark Side Powers

Force Body: Under the influence of the dark side, one can push the body's endurance past its limits, allowing the user to ignore pain and sustain injuries while continuing to fight.

Force Shock: Create a spark of electrical energy that tracks and jolts the nearest target, stunning
and injuring them.

Force Infuse: Draw on dark side energy to cauterize wounds and knit flesh, bone and organs. While this ability does not reverse damage, it does forcefully prevent further deterioration. Also requires Force Body.

Force Rage: One may tap into their innermost fears, pain and hatred, and convert them into an intense rage. The user can then channel that anger to increase speed, strength, and ferocity for a short time.

Drain Life: An ability that allows a user to siphon the life force from a sentient being, replenishing their own vitality, endurance and even reversing physical wounds. The user could continue draining a victim until completely rejuvenated, or until their life force is depleted.

Force Slow: Used to cloud a target's mind, causing them to slow down both mentally and physically, befuddling their senses and weakening their perception.

Knight Level Force Powers

Description: Typically the level reached when any Force powers during the Padawan level is achieved. This is the level named so because it is ascribed typically to Jedi Knights, Sith Lords, and Supremacy Warriors.


Crucitorn: Two possible applications for this power exist the ability to 'inherit' a target's pain, offering them relief while suffering for them; and the ability to enhance it so an injury feels more painful than it really is.

Force Persuasion: Influence the thoughts of sentient creatures, coercing them into agreement, or convincing them to reveal information they would otherwise not be willing to share through subtle suggestion via voice manipulation.

Animal Friendship: Creates an imaginary bond between user and beast, in its own mind, neutralizing mistrust or hostility indefinitely and allowing for joint cooperation.

Force Whirlwind: Alter the air currents around a target, turning it into a maelstrom. This swirling force can lift it into the air, spin it around, and completely immobilize it for a time. Can be used to cancel out another whirlwind. Also requires Force Push.

Force Levitation: Using this power, one can suspend their own body against the force of gravity without any direct physical contact. Using the Force, an individual can then hover in place or move about wherever they desired.

Lightsaber Throw: The ability to throw, guide and retrieve an ignited lightsaber while controlling its arc like a boomerang. Also requires Force Push.

Disable Electronics: Allows the user to shortcircuit an electronic device, temporarily disabling

Force Suppression: Used to attack the will of a target, overloading their mind with loud noises and distracting imagery, causing them to lose focus. This power makes it difficult for the target to perform actions requiring concentration, but also takes a great deal of focus on the part of the user as well.

Force Burst: A sphere of Force energy launched from the user's hand which seeks out it's intended target like a homing missile with the utmost accuracy and speed. Its size and intensity could range anywhere from small to huge and disabling to deadly. The color of the sphere changes from blue to red based on the alignment of the user.

Alter Damage: When used correctly, a practitioner could manipulate the energy of the lightsaber and reduce the damage caused to the target. Used while engaged in lightsaber combat, this technique could make the difference between killing or disabling an opponent.

Telekinetic Combat Level I: Used to wield a lightsaber independently in combat, holding it aloft with the Force, and having it fight without the need for physical contact. Also requires Force Whirlwind.

Lightsaber Barrier: The user continuously swings one or more lightsabers about themselves, creating a defensive yet deadly wall of energy blades, protecting from closing enemies. Also requires both Force Speed and Lightsaber Throw.

Force Deflection: Used in lieu of a lightsaber, for those disarmed of theirs or who choose not to carry one in the first place. Creates a wall of pure energy in the palm of the user's hand which redirects blaster bolts. Also requires Force Armor.

Force Step: Such velocity is produced that the user seemingly vanishes from their previous position, arriving at another as if only a single step had been taken. Drains the user's energy and metabolism, requiring a twenty-four hour recovery period before any movement powers could besafely used again. Also requires Force Speed.

Force Trance: Allows the user to suspend biological functions, including breathing, metabolism, heart rate and the aging process. Using this ability, one can survive without food, water, or even air for periods of a year at a time, though it does not protect against vacuum. To anyone examining the body, the user will seem dead, although this could be dangerous considering how common the practice of cremation is. Also requires Force Breath.

Force Protection: An ability that allowed for the user to create a wall of shimmering light in front of them. The energy had to be constantly channeled by the user, or else it would dissipated, but otherwise could hold indefinitely so long as the user kept in physical contact with it. This wall was impassible, even with Force Phase, and could withstand physical and energy attacks of
all kinds. Also requires Force Deflection.

Beast Language: Allows the user to speak with one type of creature in a language that it can understand, allowing both the handler and the animal to communicate and exchange information.

Force Empathy: The user may pick up impressions of an individual's emotional state through the Force, although it does not allow for the reading of thoughts or understanding of cause. Also requires Force Sight.

Force Confusion: Used to manipulate one's enemies into temporarily fighting alongside them as allies. Strong emotions can weaken the power's influence on a target's mind, such as extreme dislike towards the user, or affection for the one the target is manipulated into fighting against, making it less reliable in such circumstances. Also requires Force Persuasion.

Battle Meditation: Boost the morale, stamina, and overall battle prowess of allies while simultaneously reducing the enemy's combat effectiveness by eroding their will to fight. Requires constant, undisturbed concentration to keep up the effect.

Light Side

Force Heal: Using this power, one can (through great focus and meditation) tend to grievous, even life threatening physical trauma including internal injuries, as well as damaged vital organs. So long as the user can locate the injury and assess the extent of the damage, they could heal it even on others. Also requires Force Mend.

Force Stasis: Induce a near catatonic state in a target, effectively freezing that being in place for a short time. They will remain aware of their surroundings, though they will be unable to react or speak. The effect can be willfully broken by the target. Also requires Force Stun.

Force Serenity: A brief meditative state that one may enter to regain their focus, strength and power. It requires a great deal of patience, inner strength, and a deep connection to the Force. Also requires Force Revitalize.

Force Stealth: Mask light/dark alignments, thoughts, intentions and emotions which could otherwise be read or felt using Telepathy powers.

Dark Side Powers

Memory Walk: Mentally reach into a target's mind, forcing them to relive all the worst memories of their life, both painful ones and ones that were merely embarrassing, over and over and over again to the point where it causes physical pain.

Force Fear: Use the Force to plant frightening images in the mind of a target to cause intense fear, or to pull up negative memories capable of debilitating them.

Force Insanity: Capable of inflicting temporary or permanent mental damage by overloading a target's mind with irrational paranoia, panic and dementia. Also requires Force Fear.

Tear Knowledge: Used to extract knowledge out of a sentient without his or her consent. Beyond simply reading thoughts, this ability disrupts the mental process and steals information in a violent and merciless way.

Projected Fighting: An application of telekinesis which can be used to harm an opponent without physical contact. The damage inflicted using projected fighting is dependent upon the attacker's physical strength the power effectively acts to extend the physical body in hand-to-hand combat by increasing reach and power.

Force Choke: Focus pressure on a target's neck, constricting them with an invisible hand and slowly suffocating them. One could quicken the process by seizing their target with great strength and subsequently lift them off their feet to remain suspended in the air as if by a noose. Also requires Force Wound.

Force Lightning: The user channels energy down their limbs before hurling arcing bolts of electricity from their fingertips or palms. Can be delivered in concentrated bursts or channeled continuously. Also requires Force Shock. 

Master Level Force Powers

Description: Level typically achieved by any Jedi Master, Sith Lord, or Supremacy Monk.


Mirror Image: Allows users to create a perfect doppelganger of themselves through the Force; as well as duplicate objects that are visually indistinguishable from the real item. The clone will be unable to interact with its environment on its own, however the illusion that it can may be created using telekinesis.

Battle Meld: Allows for two or more Force users to join their minds together, drawing strength from each other and coordinating as a group with joint instinct. Unlike with Battle Meditation, users can join the fight while melded. Also requires Battle Meditation.

Force Cloak: Use the Force to photokinetically manipulate light to create a blanket of invisibility. Since it physically bends light similar to a cloaking device, this power can be used to hide from droids and cybernetics as well as sentient beings. Also requires Force Camouflage.

Force Wave: Create a wave of pure Forceenergy that pulses out directionally, knocking back anything within its blast radius with what is often described as a telekinetic explosion. Also requires Force Whirlwind.

Force Rend: Allows the practitioner to move a single target, be it creature or object, in two different directions simultaneously with gruesome results. Also requires Force Push.

Force Flight: With a great deal of concentration, the user may telekinetically move themselves toward a specific destination with impressive speed. Also requires Force Levitation.

Telekinetic Combat Level II: Used to wield two lightsabers independently in combat, holding them aloft with the Force, and having them fight without the need for physical contact. Also requires Telekinetic Combat Level I.

Telekinetic Combat III: Used to wield three lightsabers independently in combat, holding them aloft with the Force, and having them fight without the need for physical contact. Also requires Telekinetic Combat Level II.

Force Weapon: Imbue an ordinary weapon with the Force for a short period of time. By channeling energy into the weapon, it can be used to block lightsabers and deflect blaster fire without damaging it.

Destroy Electronics: Release an electronic pulse, severely damaging nearby electronic devices,
causing them to self destruct. Also requires Disable Electronics.

Reprogram Electronics: Using the Force, one can alter electronic devices, reprogramming them to allow the user access.

Psychometry: Using this ability, one may pick up impressions and traces of information about a touched object, as well as the events and history surrounding it.

Force Illusion: The user can project images into the minds of all beings within range, of anything from a pillar of fire to a horde of snarling monsters to a fleet of warships, the possibilities limited only by the user's imagination. Since it is projected directly into the brain of the target, it appears to all of their senses, from hearing to smell to senses such as echolocation. Also requires Force Confusion.

Light Side

Force Energize: Enables users to draw energy, harmful or otherwise, into themselves for revitalization or to empower their own Force powers beyond ordinary means. Also requires Force Absorb.

Force Immunity: With constant concentration, users may render themselves virtually invulnerable to offensive Force powers but
cannot utilize additional powers of their own during the duration of the effect.

Force Repair: This power grants the ability to reverse extensive physical damage sustained to one's body such as broken bones, severed arteries, severe burns and damages sustained by prolonged exposure to toxins, poison and venom in a matter of minutes. This ability leaves the user drained, and continuous use of the power without sufficient rest can cause harmful strain on the body and mind. Also requires Force Heal.

Force Light: An incredibly powerful light side ability used to temporarily weaken one's connection to the dark side, or (when used in numbers) even purge the dark side from a target completely. It could be used to destroy dark spirits and nexuses of dark side power as well.

Force Paralysis: Allows the user to put one or more targets into brief, nonharmful catatonic states, allowing for quick escapes or to avoid protracted confrontations against seemingly overwhelming numbers. The paralyzed would be trapped, unaware that time was passing, and would wake from the paralysis believing only a second had passed. Also requires Force Stasis.

Dark Side

Force Grip: Target a victim's organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys or brain, and apply pressure directly, causing spasms, intense pain and severe physical trauma. Also requires Force Choke.

Chain Lightning: A more powerful manifestation of Force Lightning, with the difference being that the energy strikes an initial target and then moves to another or several nearby victims. It requires a great amount of discipline and concentration to project and sustain a stream of chain lightning.

Deadly Sight: A user can inflict pain and injury upon their foes merely by looking at them, causing their victim's body to slowly burn as intense heat from the dark side cooks them alive. The power could be interrupted by breaking line of sight, or by forcing the user to blink (as constant, unbroken eye contact must be maintained).

Force Poison: Produces a fastacting venom into the target's bloodstream, quickly debilitating them. The effects continue to worsen over time, and will lead to death if left untreated.

Force Innervate: Using the dark side, one can redirect energy from healthy limbs and organs and focus it into stimulating a target's dead nerves, returning strength to weak or useless ones. 

Councilor Level Powers

Description: These are the few powers that remain before acquisition of Force mastery is achieved. Beyond this, there are rare ceremonies that only one who has reached the level of Grandmaster can hope to even dream of utilizing.


Terrakinesis: The ability to manipulate, control and transform geologic materials such as minerals, dirt and rocks.

Aerokinesis: The ability to manipulate, control, alter or create air molecules and wind currents.

Cryokinesis: The ability to draw heat from an object, slowing down the vibrations of particles/atoms in matter to alter temperature to the point of freezing an object completely.

Pyrokinesis: The ability to speed up of the naturally occurring vibrations of atoms in matter to alter temperature to the point of ignition.

Hydrokinesis: The ability to influence, control, and even create the motion of groups of atoms in their liquid state.

Atmokinesis: The ability to manipulate the flux of the atmosphere, allowing the generation and dismissal (but not the control) of any natural weather condition, from fog and rain to thunderstorms, lightning, hail storms, blizzards and hurricanes.

Force Combustion: Cause an object to explode by sheer force of will. Usable on either inanimate objects or sentient beings with devastating results. Takes several seconds of channeling the Force to use the power, and it's possible to cancel out the effect by channeling the same target and producing opposite pressure.

Light Side

Sever Force: A nonlethal attack power used to interrupt a target's connection to the Force and then block its return. Despite its name, one cannot be truly and irreversibly severed from their connection to the Force, and it is possible that through extensive training or a traumatic event that such a connection will return.

Force Regenerate: Using this ability requires plenty of time and a ton of energy from the user, but can be used to reattach limbs, even regrow them in some species, as well as enhance blood regeneration, cure blindness, deafness and muteness (assuming their sight, hearing and voice worked in the first place), and even reverse natural disease and damage caused by aging. To use this ability often means a trip to the infirmary for the user as well, as their own life force is used in the healing of their target, and therefore leaves them weak and helpless until fully recovered. Also requires Force Repair.

Emerald Fire: Consumed by the light side of the Force, the user releases tendrils of green energy from their limbs, similar in appearance to Force Lightning, which can instantly incapacitate, or even painlessly kill, those aligned with the dark side.
Force Preserve: Focusing on one's most powerful emotions, a user can hold their own body together despite extensive physical damage that might otherwise kill them using only the dark side.

Dark Side

Force Storm: By raising one's arms upward, the user can create, through the Force, an explosion of electrical energy directed at all foes in their immediate vicinity. Not limited to a single direction, it instead affects all targets within a certain radius from the user.

Kinetite: Create a fistsized sphere of restrained kinetic energy which can then be thrown at a target. Capable of tearing a sentient apart or flattening a ferrocrete building, though it as easy to deflect as using a simple Force Push.

Force Destruction: When used, a massive amount of energy is stored up within the user, drawn from the dark side of the Force, and with incredible concentration, the energy is discharged using the user's own body as a conduit, typically through the hand.

Force Preserve: Focusing on one's most powerful emotions, a user can hold their own body together despite extensive physical damage that might otherwise kill them using only the dark side.

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Biotics is the ability of some lifeforms to create mass effect fields using element zero nodules embedded in body tissues. These powers are accessed and augmented by using bio-amps. Biotic individuals can knock enemies over from a distance, lift them into the air, generate gravitational vortices to tear obstacles or enemies apart, or create protective barriers.


All asari are naturally biotic from birth, though not all choose to develop their abilities. Biotics of other species are individuals who were exposed to dust-form element zero, or colloquially, "eezo", in utero and subsequently developed eezo nodules throughout their nervous systems. These nodules can generate mass effect fields when energized by electrical impulses from the brain.

Eezo exposure is by no means guaranteed to result in biotic ability. On the contrary, most fetuses that are exposed are not affected at all. Others will develop brain tumors or other horrific physical complications. In humans, only about one in ten eezo-exposed infants will develop biotic talents strong and stable enough to merit training, and these abilities are not always permanent. In extremely rare cases, humans who were exposed in utero but did not manifest biotic talents as children can develop them during young adulthood through additional exposure.

Once a person has been identified as having biotic ability, they may be outfitted with a surgically implanted amplifier, usually installed around the time of puberty, in order to make their talents strong enough to be useful. Some races have experimented with biotic drugs to stimulate power instead, such as red sand. They must then develop conscious control over their nervous system, which is a long, slow, difficult ordeal (except for the asari, who possess a degree of control naturally). Biofeedback therapy is commonly used to aid in this process. Once trained, a biotic can generate and control dark energy to move objects, generate protective barriers, or restrain enemies. Biotic abilities are activated using a technique called "physical mnemonics", in which the biotic uses a physical gesture to cause neurons to fire in a certain sequence, sending an electrical charge through their eezo nodules and creating the desired effect. A biotic may enhance certain aspects of his or her biotic abilities by installing implant upgrades called bio-amps.

Biotic abilities fall into three general categories: Telekinesis, the use of mass-lowering fields to lift or hurl objects; Kinetic Fields, mass-raising fields to immobilize objects (in combat, usually enemy projectiles or enemies themselves); and Spatial Distortion, the creation of shifting mass-effect fields which rip apart any objects caught within them.


After a series of starship accidents in the 2150s which dispersed element zero over populated areas, the first human biotics were born, though their abilities were not recognized right away. By the time these children were teenagers, the Alliance had made contact with the Citadel and learned of the effects of in-utero eezo exposure. A company called Conatix Industries was founded to track down exposed individuals and develop implants for humans. There are rumours that, after the link between eezo and biotics was discovered, some human colonies were deliberately exposed to dust-form element zero to create more biotic children.

In 2160, Conatix established the BAaT (Biotic Acclimation and Temperance Training) programme on Jump Zero to train its first generation of biotics. Since the Alliance knew very little about this process, it covertly hired turian mercenaries as instructors, but when one of these instructors, Commander Vyrnnus, was killed in an altercation with a student, BAaT was shut down. Records pertaining to the program still remain classified. The Alliance has had considerably greater success with later training projects. Human biotics currently have some oversight from the Alliance Parliamentary Subcommittee for Transhuman Studies.
Most modern human biotics use the Alliance's L3 implant, which are not particularly powerful but are safe to use. However, some older biotics are stuck with L2 implants, which allow abilities to spike higher—Kaidan Alenko's abilities are reportedly comparable to an asari's—but at a significant cost. L2 implants are notorious for causing severe medical complications such as insanity, mental disability, and crippling pain. It is possible to "upgrade" from an L2 to an L3 implant, but the procedure is rarely performed because it carries a very high risk of brain damage. Many L2s feel the Alliance has not provided them with sufficient medical or financial support and want reparations for their suffering. In some cases, extreme physical or psychological stress can cause even normally stable L2s to experience similar health problems.

Human biotics face widespread prejudice and distrust from the rest of their species, mostly due to misconceptions about their abilities (some people wrongly believe that they can read or control minds). Should the missions involving Major Kyle and Chairman Burns both end in all-out bloodshed, the prejudice and distrust may reach the point where governments seek to demand registration of humans with biotic abilities. Certain religious and ideological organizations are also opposed to the concept of biotic modification. Some biotics have been known to abuse their abilities - using them to cheat at roulette, for example, or to pull people's chairs out from beneath them. There have been a few reports of individuals like these being attacked by frightened mobs, and sometimes even killed.

The Alliance military, on the other hand, welcomes biotics with open arms and provides them with massive enlistment incentives. They are now frequently found in the front lines of many ground-based combat units. Because of the massive physical effort required to biologically generate dark energy, biotic soldiers are assigned a large daily calorie ration (4,500 kilocalories per day, compared with the standard soldier's allotment of 3,000) and provided with energy drinks to help them maintain their blood sugar and electrolyte levels. The electrical fields in their bodies mean they are also prone to small static discharges when they touch metal.

All biotics seeking to wield their abilities on a usable level are fitted with an electronic brain implant during puberty. Once the implant is installed, it can only be replaced or altered through extremely dangerous brain surgery, so most individuals keep the same implant their entire lives. Biotics are classed according to their implant model and the strength of their ability:

  • L1 - These biotics can manipulate small objects, but their abilities are not strong enough to be offensively viable, because the L1s were implanted after puberty.

  • L2 - The L2 implants were first implemented in 2167. The results vary wildly - some L2s are hardly stronger than an L1, others are strong but unstable, while a few are powerful and stable enough for combat, though they usually suffer some discomfort from their implants. L2s are all around the same age.

  • L3 - In 2170, the L3 implant was developed. L3 biotics are consistently stable with moderate ability; while their upper limit is less than an L2, L3s are safe from dangerous side effects. Because of the implementation date, most L3s are 25 or younger. Some are older, having been implanted later in life.

  • L3-R - Short for 'L3-retrofit', this is an L1 or L2 who has undergone extremely dangerous brain surgery to replace their implant with a newer model.

  • L3-X - Implants installed in an unsuitable candidate.

  • L3-X1 - Experimental implants tested at Grissom Academy in 2186.

  • L4 - A new implant used on the children in the Ascension Project; these implants use biotic amplifiers with built-in VI interfaces to enable external monitoring and enhance the user's abilities. L4 implants give a 10-15% increase in power over L3s in 90% of subjects with no currently known side effects.

  • L5x - In 2185, Adepts are outfitted with L5x implants.

  • L5n - In 2185, Vanguards are outfitted with L5n implants.

  • L6X - Within the year 2234 new implants were commissioned for use. 

Alien Biotics


  • All asari are naturally biotic to some degree, though not all choose to develop their abilities. Those who do pursue training usually display formidable ability. They do not require implants to use biotics effectively, nor do they need to undergo special training to acquire conscious neural control; their reproductive physiology grants them this ability from birth. Biotic ability is mandatory for asari who want to go into military service. The most powerful train as asari commandos.


  • There are some known batarian biotics who are trained as shock troopers and sentinels.


  • The drell assassin Thane Krios is a biotic. 


  • The few krogan biotics are extremely powerful and often train to become krogan battlemasters like Skarr or Wrex. Biotic krogan who enlisted in the military would rise quickly through the ranks; the other soldiers were in fear and awe of them, so their superiors recognized they would command great respect as officers and promoted them. The krogan developed a surgical procedure that was able to confer biotic ability.


  • Extremely powerful biotics that were capable of harnessing the ability at birth much like the Asari. It was from the Protheans that the Asari and many other races were able to learn the deeper secrets of the ancient energy, but it was from the Leviathans that the Protheans much of what they knew. The rest was from experimentation. 


  • According to Tali, quarian biotics are very rare. However, much of this timeline was altered and the events of the Geth War played out in the Quarians taking their homeworld with help from many races. For this reason, many who do gain biotic potential are not often known due to the secrecy of it all. Many Quarians do possess biotic ability after the Geth War and even more now that the Citadel Wars took hold. They can often be seen training underneath the Human and Prothean training academies. 


  • Rachni Brood Warriors appear to have some biotic abilities.


  • Salarian biotics are unusual and highly prized. The salarian military does not risk them in the front lines but instead uses them in intelligence services.


  • Turian biotics are also uncommon, and generally not much more powerful than a human L3. They are viewed with suspicion by the general turian infantry and tend to be relegated to special units called Cabals, which are employed for key missions.


  • Some volus are trained as Adepts, Vanguards and Sentinels, although the Sentinels do not use biotic abilities.


  • Some vorcha are trained as Sentinels.

To date, there has been no mention of the biotic abilities of the hanar, elcor, raloi, or yahg or what role (if any) biotics play in their respective societies.

Biotic Abilities

This listing displays the various biotic powers that one can wield in the Mass Effect galaxy known as Eezo for the purposes of this site. Directly below this description will be standard powers that can be accessed with training immediately after your characters acceptance.

Biotic Focus:

  • Focus your biotic energy and atavistic muscle structure to decrease damage taken and to increase melee damage and movement speed for a short time.

Biotic Orb:

  • Summon 3 biotic orbs to float around you. Use the power again to launch an orb at your target. Each floating orb increases the recharge speed of your powers by 10%.

Biotic Slash: 

  • Charge your sword with biotic energy and slash nearby enemies in a wide swath, flattening unshielded opponents.

Biotic Hammer: 

  • Charge your hammer with biotic energy, drastically increasing direct damage and force. Your melee attacks will expend these charges.

  • Highly effective against armor and barriers.

(1) Biotic Protector:

  • Deploy a shield that protects against all damage at the expense of moving, shooting, or using powers while it is enabled.

(2) Biotic Sphere: 

  • Create a biotic sphere that surrounds the caster and nearby allies. More damage to enemies entering the shielded area.

(1) Cluster Grenade:

  • Lob this biotic grenade cluster at your enemies and watch them fly.

(2) Lift Grenade:

  • Advancement of the first being Cluster Grenade. 

Advanced Powers

These powers shall require advanced training from an instructor, or mentor within roleplay. Such powers are not easily attained and your instructor will teach you how you may get the power you are seeking. Please, understand that some powers may not be obtainable depending on your character situation or race. 


  • Throw is a biotic ability available to Adepts, Sentinels, Vanguards, and the Asari Scientist, and unlockable for the Krogan Battlemaster. Throw is mostly used to keep opponents at a distance by either launching them away or knocking them over, damaging them and rendering them helpless.
  • In certain areas Throw may knock enemies off ledges, making them fall to their death. If used near destructible objects, Throw can break them and hit enemies with debris. Any moveable boxes can also be Thrown into them, injuring them further as their shields cannot absorb the damage. (However, this applies to the abilities of enemy biotics too, so watch out for nearby objects when fighting them.) In enclosed quarters, Advanced and Master Throw are strong enough to punch enemies against walls and cause significant damage. This technique is especially useful against Thorian Creepers, who aren't physically robust and will be squished by Throw.

  • The effects of Throw can be compounded to deadly, and often hilarious, effect. When Throw is used in conjunction with Lift, the Lifted target (being above the surrounding environment) can be more easily cast out over a drop or, when used in low gravity environments, launched into open space for an instant kill. Likewise, using throw simultaneously by multiple squad members on a single target compounds the effect, blasting them an often fatal distance. Possibly the best compounding effect can be experienced with Liara T'Soni and Urdnot Wrex as squadmates. Liara may begin with Singularity drawing multiple targets into a dense space, Wrex and a biotic Shepard can then use upgraded Throw in unison to hit most or all of the floating enemies. This has the added effect of damaging them and providing extra time for your squad to regroup.

  • Flare: This is an extended power of Throw that can be learned but requires immense energy. Focus and expend all biotic energy to unleash a huge flare that throws enemies within its range, causing massive damage.


  • Adepts and Vanguards can use Pull to generate a mass-lowering field, which levitates enemies into the air. While aloft, enemies will slowly drift towards the biotic, allowing any allies to finish them off effortlessly. The biotic can also combine the Pull effect with a Throw or Charge — similar to the Throw-Lift combination in the original Mass Effect — to send enemies flying higher into the air or with Warp which will biotic detonate the target. Pull inflicts a small amount of damage on foes with protection.

  • Note: When fired by Shepard, this power travels in the direction of the cross-hair, arcing towards the target. When fired by a squadmate, this power will travel in a straight line, instantly hitting the target.

  • Lash: An extended version of Pull that requires more focus and concentration. Latch this biotic field onto enemies to jerk them towards you, doing massive damage in the process.


  • Warp is a biotic talent available to Adepts, Vanguards, the Krogan Battlemaster, and the Asari Scientist. Warp lowers the armor on a target, increasing the damage the enemy takes, as well as dealing damage over time.

  • Warp is extremely useful on Hardcore and Insanity difficulties against krogan because it helps stop them from regenerating, but is also invaluable against larger enemies like Geth Armatures or Geth Colossi when engaging them on foot. Using Warp gives a better chance of survival without using the Mako's mass accelerator cannon, which increases the amount of XP gained.

  • Warp Ammo: Warp Ammo is effective against biotic barriers, armor and health. The damage bonus is doubled against enemies who are being affected by biotic powers. Warp Ammo does no bonus damage versus shields.


  • Nova is a close-range shock wave power which utilizes the Vanguard's high-risk, high-reward combat system. While expending the remainder of your biotic barrier, Nova inflicts a high amount of damage to surrounding enemies, pushing them back and sending them soaring into the air. There is no cooldown--it can be used whenever the Vanguard has barrier remaining.
  • Transfer the energy of your biotic barrier to charge and spark this deadly blast. Barrier strength determines intensity.


  • When used, the power sends out a series of explosive biotic impacts in front of the user ignoring any obstacles. It can be unleashed along the ground to launch all enemies in its path into the air, or used against airborne targets. It is worth noting that when Shockwave hits a shielded target it will be stunned for a brief moment, losing a bit of shield depending on your skill's impact force, but won't be thrown into the air. This can be useful in stopping advancing enemies and allowing you to focus fire on this target with your team. This ability is similar to Scion's attack, but has different effects and abilities.

  • Note: While looking forward, the shockwave will always start directly at your feet. Looking upwards before performing the power starts the shockwave ahead of you. Also if you use Shockwave and bring up either the Power Wheel or the Weapons Wheel, the Shockwave won't stop, but its effects are only noticed after closing the Wheel.


  • The Vanguard uses biotics to augment speed and strength, and charges across the battlefield towards a target. This culminates in a powerful collision that sends unprotected enemies flying backward, inflicting massive damage. The collision negates the mass of an enemy, allowing for even the largest of enemies to be sent flying backwards.

  • This power also compensates for impeding obstacles by allowing the Vanguard to 'phase' through solid objects en route to their target. It can also be used on enemies who have been levitated by other biotic powers, and can multiply physics damage to send them off into the distance.

(2)Poison Strike:

  • Slash through an enemy line while encased in this biotic barrier causing instant biotic damage and applying a poison effect that does damage over time to every hit enemy.

  • Invulnerable while this power is in effect.


  • Drive the lash into the ground to cause area-of-effect damage and devastating direct damage.


  • Stasis is an unlockable biotic talent available to Adepts, Sentinels, Krogan Battlemasters, and Asari Scientists. Stasis causes an enemy to be temporarily locked in a mass effect field, freezing the target in place and making them unable to attack. Enemies in Stasis also become impervious to damage. However, if you have the Bastion specialization class then you will be able to kill the target, albeit without seeing a health bar.

  • For more on using Stasis effectively, see the Adept Guide.

  • On higher difficulty settings some powerful biotic enemies, like Rachni Brood Warriors, can put you and your squad into Stasis. Like Bastions, they can cause damage while their target is immobilized, and medi-gel doesn't seem to help. It also puts you at risk from any flying debris, because it becomes impossible to dodge and your shields won't take the damage. The only real defense against their Stasis is to hit the enemy with Damping, then take them down as fast as possible.


  • The power employs mass effect fields to biotically attack the target's nervous or synthetic systems and prevent healing. It restores health and gives a temporary health bonus when the power is used against unprotected organics. Reave also does double damage to armor and barriers.

  • This power travels in a straight line from the user to the target, hitting instantly. It can also hit enemies behind physical shields such as Guardians or Collector Guardians, though this "bypassing" doesn't work with normal cover.

Seeker Swarm:

  • Summon 3 Seeker Swarms to cloud around you. Use the power again to launch a swarm at your target that deals damage and slows movement.


  • It works almost the same as AI Hacking, but on an organic target, and instead of a shield it produces a barrier. This ability cannot be detonated by Warp.


  • Lift is an unlockable biotic talent available to Adepts, Sentinels, Vanguards, and the Asari Scientist. Using Lift will cause enemies to float helplessly in the air, making them more vulnerable to attack. The lift force is added to the target's velocity or momentum; for example, using Lift on a charging enemy will cause them to go flying over your head, possibly into a wall or off a cliff. It can also bring enemies out from behind cover to give a clear shot. This is especially useful if you can unlock the Sniper Rifle achievement - use Lift to lure the enemy out of cover, then use the sniper rifle to eliminate the target. If used in a low-gravity environment Lift can cause enemies to float off into space, resulting in an instant kill.
  • Lift is particularly effective when used on a stationary enemy in conjunction with Throw. Once the enemy is midair, using Throw can fling the enemy a much greater distance than usual because they will not be knocked back into scenery, and may even result in an instant kill if they are knocked far enough (e.g. using this technique outside Chora's Den could send an enemy hurtling off the edge of the platform and down into the traffic below). Lift is handy against Geth Hoppers - as it stops them from jumping around - and larger rachni.


  • The power lifts a target and slams them to the ground, inflicting damage. Slam can be detonated by Warp if it lands during the lift duration. The small size of this window requires use of squad powers to exploit, however.

  • Like all powers that knock enemies off their feet, Slam instantly kills Husks.


  • This gravitational power sucks multiple enemies within a radius to a single area, leaving them floating helplessly and vulnerable to attack. It can also attract objects from the environment, such as crates or pieces of furniture; enemies will take damage if they collide with other solid objects in the Singularity field.


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