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Name: Tyndareus Alecton
Age: 34
Race: Anzati
Homeworld: Velmor
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 190 lbs
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skin Tone: Olive


Tyndareus Alecton was born to a long line of Jensaarai through which Nikkos Tyris, a former acolyte of Count Dooku and the founder of the Order. As such, it proved no surprise when he turned out to be powerful with the Force even at a young age. Since the alliance between the Jedi and the Jensaarai, the line of Kelbis Nu had tried to keep the peace but Tyndareus has had no use for such an alliance and when he was offered the role of Saarai-kaar, he refused on the grounds that he did not believe that the Jensaarai knew the truth of the Force. Known for his charisma, he led a sect of younger, stronger Jensaarai warriors away from the their homeworld of Velmor to find a new way. It was while wandering the galaxy that Tyndareus stumbled upon a young Tyberius Fallenstar.

Though Tyndareus was both a natural lightsaber duelist and an even better Force wielder, he was impressed as standing in the presence of a future god when he met Tyberius on the moon of Limus, near Anteevy. Since then he searched for the whereabouts of Tyberius, having separated from him during a fiery engagement with Mandalorian forces that saw both of them badly injured and Tyndareus presumed dead by all his friends. He was abandoned on Limus and left for dead by his Jensaarai kin, invoking him to initially take a dark path until he realized that it was better to have a knowledge of how to find balance in the Force and wield all powers as naturally as he could wield a blade. So he abandoned all pieces of his armor except for his gauntlets, shin guards, and lightsaber which he plucked from a Mandalorian-allied Dark Jedi who was famed for his golden lightsaber blade and his helmet which he had also taken.

When he finally found Fallenstar again, he noticed how the boy was changed profoundly. Knowing that he would outlive Fallenstar by many centuries if he played his cards right, he did voice his disagreement with his adherence to the Dark Side but took no active steps to harm him. In fact, when Fallenstar succeeded his father Feronus as Supreme Overseer of the Galactic Supremacy, Tyndareus rode along as the right hand executioner of his will. Tyndareus is famed for inspiring the idea of balance within the Supremacy, pointing out that peace in the galaxy could only be achieved by finding appeal amongst both those who wielded the Light and the Dark Side powers of the Force as well as those who traversed the entire spectrum at will. The idea took off like wildfire with those who were disillusioned in the stagnation of the Jedi Order and those who disagreed with Dark Side Orders like the Sith and the Jensaarai as Tyndareus did.

Fear, he taught, was easy to acquire from any who followed any route of the Force. But should one win their respect, the tides of more battles would turn in favor of the Supremacy. Because of this, the Supremacy was able to drive back the Republic to the last worlds it ruled and the pieces that remained of the great Galactic Triumvirate were sent beyond the galaxy’s bounds. Though the repercussions of these enemy's’ final retreat beyond the known boundaries of the galaxy have still yet to be truly felt, such was the entirety of the Supremacy’s takeover that they rule much of the known galaxy. Tyndareus remains, to this day, the most respected of Fallenstar’s colleagues and his lineage means that he served as ambassador to the Velmorian Monarchy in maintaing the alliance between the Supremacy and the people of Velmor until Fallenstar decided to do away with it on account of his father's demise. His skills with a lightsaber are near-unparalleled, also making him a Blademaster who trains Fallenstar and has vowed to one day train his descendants in the art of the lightsaber and Force combat. He is also a formidable martial artist with several styles under his belt, each of which add to his deadliness in their own unique way. His biology as an Anzati means he can also feed on the physical strength and mental reservoirs of those his tendrils are able to touch, becoming immensely physically powerful even with his lightsaber skills not being the best thing about him.

He also originated the Supremacy's reliance on mechanical soldiers, believing that a droid programmed with all the necessary strategies to win battles and controlled by biological technicians with the ability to improvise would make for an invincible army. Though he personally had no ability to create such an army, he did use what remaining funds he had from his days as a Jensaarai to call upon those that could create the common programming for all the droids. Ordering the inventor to keep the shutdown key to himself as a contingency against tyranny on the part of the Overseer, Tyndareus oversaw elite droids with knowledge of the seven forms of lightsaber combat plus all the unorthodox combat forms being created to guard the Supremacy's elite, including the Overseer and himself, seeing that lightsaber crystals were too limited (even synthesized ones) for lightsaber wielding droids to become widespread. He also had every droid soldier downloaded with knowledge of the entire history of the Velmorian Alliance, the Republic Remnant, and the Hutts to name a few, taking strong adherence to the philosophy of the progressive Imperial officer, Grand Admiral Thrawn, that one must know their enemies as they know themselves in order to defeat them. Combined with his personal experience within the ranks of the Jensaarai and the fact he was once chosen to lead them as his ancestor did, Tyndareus is not to be trifled with and Fallenstar owes much of the Supremacy's modern success to the intuition and genius of his right hand man.


Strength - Level II
Speed - Level III
Endurance - Level III
Intelligence - Level III
Dark Side Control - Level III
Light Side Control - Level III

Lightsaber Proficiency: Level III

Shii-Cho - Level IV
Makashi- Level II
Soresu - Level IV
Ataru - Level III

Martial Arts: Level III

Teras Kasi - Level II
Mandalorian Martial Arts- Level II
Rek’Dul- Level III
Broken Gate- Level III

Force Powers: Level IV

Telekinesis- Level IV
Force Sense> Force Sight
Force Push
Force Scent
Force Listen
Force Armor
Force Wound
Force Jump> Force Leap
Force Temperance
Comprehend Speech
Battle Meditation
Lightsaber Throw
Force Concealment

Light Side Powers
Force Resistance
Force Absorb
Force Valor
Force Stun
Force Mend> Force Heal
Force Stealth
Force Serenity
Force Blind
Force Orb
Force Revitalize
Force Blind

Dark Side Powers

Force Shock
Force Slow
Force Rage
Drain Life
Force Fear> Force Insanity
Force Shock> Force Lightning
Force Choke
Memory Walk
Tear Knowledge
Force Body
Tyndareus Alecton
Tyndareus Alecton

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