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Mass Effect Tech Powers

These abilities can only be utilized by Mass Effect races and some may require the use of an Omni-Tool. Should you have questions on the progression of these powers do not hesitate to ask an administrator for assistance. 

Base Tech Abilities

Characters must posses at least level one intelligence in attributes to utilize these powers listed below. Reference the Character Control & Attribute listing. 

Omni tool:

  • The basic tool of much of the techs, engineers, etc of the Mass Effect universe. 


  • Damping is an unlockable tech talent available to Engineers, Infiltrators, the Turian Agent, and the Quarian Machinist. Damping increases the explosion radius on your tech proximity mines, and shuts down enemy tech and biotic abilities. This makes it a useful defensive talent when facing large groups of enemies or strong biotics like asari commandos. In conjunction with Sabotage, Damping can render most enemies virtually helpless, giving you a prime opportunity to use your shotgun or hit them with grenades.


  • Decryption is a tech talent available to Engineers, Infiltrators, Sentinels, the Turian Agent, and the Quarian Machinist. The talent allows the unlocking of sealed doors and containers, as well as the use of the Sabotage ability.


  • Electronics is a tech talent available to Engineers, Infiltrators, and the Quarian Machinist from the start and is an unlockable talent for Sentinels, the Turian Agent, and the Asari Scientist. Electronics can allow you to repair or bypass objects. Electronics increases the strength of your shields and the amount of hull restored when you repair the Mako. This talent grants the Overload ability, which damages enemies and shuts down their shields.

First Aid:

  • First Aid is a tech talent available to Engineers, Sentinels, the Turian Agent, and the Asari Scientist, and is unlockable for Soldiers, Infiltrators, and the Quarian Machinist. Increasing ranks of First Aid increases the amount of health restored per use.

  • First Aid consumes 1 unit of medi-gel per use. The amount of health restored per use is determined by the combined skill of the squad in First Aid. First Aid has a base cooldown period of 60 seconds, which can be further reduced by some talents such as Medicine.


  • Hacking is an unlockable tech talent available to Engineers and the Quarian Machinist squadmate class. This talent grants the AI Hacking ability, which makes artificial enemies go berserk and attack each other. It also causes tech proximity mines to recharge more quickly.


  • Medicine is an unlockable tech talent available to Engineers and Sentinels. Medicine lowers the cooldown time on First Aid, and also enables the Neural Shock ability.

  • It's important to note that despite its similarity to the Engineer class and wide variety of tech skills, the Quarian Machinist class does not receive access to Medicine.


  • Overload is a tech power available to Engineers, Sentinels, Garrus, Miranda, Kasumi, EDI, Kaidan Alenko, Wilson, and Dr. Amanda Kenson. It shuts down an enemy's shields, rendering them vulnerable to attack. Overload is typically used to take down shields or synthetics, doing twice as much damage to shields as it does to synthetics, but will also cause any unshielded enemies using flamethrowers to explode. Starting at rank 3, Overload will cause the weapons of most unprotected enemies to overheat, making them unable to fire for a brief period. It can also be used on explosive containers to make them detonate more violently for added damage.

  • Note: This power travels in a straight line from the user to the target, hitting instantly.

Advanced Tech Abilites

The following powers will require level two within the intelligence attribute. 


  • An enhanced omni tool upgraded with a hammer that can be used for close-quarters.

AI Hacking:

  • AI Hacking is a tech power available to Infiltrators and Engineers in. From rank 2 onward, AI Hacking also generates a temporary shield around the hacked target. Note that this power, like many status effect powers, will only work on enemies that have had their defenses (e.g., shields, armor) stripped away. 


  • Sabotage is a tech power in Mass Effect 3. It is available to the Engineer, Infiltrator, and Tali'Zorah in single player, and the Quarian Infiltrator, Quarian Marksman, and the Turian Saboteur in multiplayer. Sabotage incorporates AI Hacking power, as well as the weapon overheating aspect from Overload.
  • Prerequisite: Requires AI Hacking to be obtained.


  • Cloak renders you invisible using light-refracting mass effect fields, hiding you from visual and technological detection - a tactical advantage in infiltration and wetwork.

Cryo Blast:

  • When activated, the user's omni-tool fires a mass of super-cooled subatomic particles capable of snap-freezing targets within a certain radius. If the target's health is low enough when frozen, it is possible to shatter it through the use of weapons or other damage dealing abilities. Frozen enemies are more susceptible to damage.

  • Note: As with all projectile powers, the power does not launch an actual projectile when used by a squadmate. Instead, it impacts instantly. 

Neural Shock:

  • Neural Shock paralyzes organic enemies for a brief amount of time. At Rank 2 and higher, it permanently impairs the enemy's accuracy as well.

Shield Boost:

  • Repair your shields and those of your nearby allies, providing a large initial boost to shields, and then restoring shields every second for 3 seconds.

Tech Armor:

  • The power generates an energy armor suit that boosts the user's shields. When the armor is destroyed, it sends out a pulse of energy, damaging nearby enemies and knocking down unprotected targets while staggering most protected targets. From rank 3 onward, Tech Armor also resets the cooldown for all allies when used, making a Sentinel's allies more efficient than they are for other classes.


  • When this power is activated a hologram copy appears approximately 3-5m away. This hologram mimics the activator's appearance and movements but does not actually move, nor does it actually attack.

  • In single-player Decoy is one of EDI's unique powers and can be unlocked as a bonus power for Commander Shepard.

Electric Slash:

  • Unleash a wave of electrical energy from your sword to stun and damage all enemies in a cone.

  • Highly effective against shields/barriers.

  • Considered a power attack.

  • Receives damage bonuses from power upgrades.

Electric Hammer:

  • Charge your hammer with electrical energy, making all hammer impacts do electrical damage in a large area while stunning enemies. Your melee attacks will expend these charges.

  • Highly effective against shields and barriers.


  • Fire a powerful short-range flame attack. The flames will persist for a max duration and can be canceled early for a faster recharge. 

  • Highly effective against armor.

Homing Grenade:

  • Launch this seeking grenade to track down a target, causing a massive explosion on impact.

Recon Mine:

  • Launch a mine that sticks to the first surface it touches and arms after 3 seconds. The mine scans the area for enemies to provide a tactical overlay, and it can be detonated at any time to deal massive damage to nearby targets.

  • Only one mine can be active at a time.

Professional Tech Abilities

These will require at least level three intelligence and extensive training.


  • Enhance your omni tool to possess a blade that can be called upon for close-quarters combat. 

Tactical Cloak:

  • When activated, it instantly renders the Infiltrator invisible to all enemies and grants a damage bonus to all weapons. However it also halts health and shield regeneration, leaving the Infiltrator vulnerable once the cloak wears off.

Tactical Scan:

  • Reveal weaknesses in defenses, increasing all damage done to the target and slowing its movement speed. Provide the entire squad with a tactical readout. Only one scan can be active on a target.

Energy Drain:

  • Energy Drain saps enemies' kinetic barrier power to boost your shields. Like Overload, this ability will do double damage to shields.


  • It is a high-explosive plasma round fired from the user's omni-tool that inflicts damage over time to all nearby enemies and permanently stops their health regeneration. Against armor, the damage this ability deals is 2.4 times the usual amount. Like Overload, this power causes unprotected enemies equipped with flamethrowers to explode.

Defense Matrix:

  • Reinforce armor with protective foucault currents. Purge the currents to restore shields.

  • Slows power use by 60%.

Combat Drone:

  • The power spawns a tech drone that draws enemy fire and can electronically stun targets while damaging their shields. Only one drone per character can be active at a time. Specializing as a Mechanic increases the duration of the Engineer's powers, including the length of time their drone is deployed.

  • In addition to attacking enemies, drones also act as a distraction for certain enemies, especially Husks.

  • Enemies can sometimes also spawn combat drones, but these are generally less powerful than those the player spawns.

Defense Drone:

  • These drones are capable of flying and are equipped with a mass accelerator cannon. Only one drone can be deployed at a time. They predominantly serve the purpose of defense rather than outright conflict. 

Stimulant Pack:

  • A specially designed ops survival pack that temporarily increases survivability and all damage output.

Elite Tech Abilities

Abilities will require at least level four intelligence to use or even be trained.

Submission Net:
Entangle opponents in an electrified net, dealing massive damage to armored targets and incapacitating unarmored targets as they break free. Targets build up resistance to the grappling effects of the net.

Repair Matrix:
Reinforce armor with metal-repelling Foucault currents to increase movement speed, decrease damage taken, and to regenerate shields for a short duration. When activated, the fallen caster instantly gets back on their feet. This can only occur once, and a limited number of charges can be carried for this power.

Arc Grenade: 
tun and electrocute your enemies with an EMP-packed grenade. Effective against shields and barriers.

Armor Piercing Arrows:
Load 3 armor-piercing charges into your omni-bow to increase damage and the number of arrows fired simultaneously. When you run out of these armor-piercing charges, you will fire normal arrows again.
Highly effective against armor.
Consumes a grenade.

Concussive Arrows:
Load concussive charges into your omni-bow to increase impact force, to knock down unarmored enemies, and to increase the number of arrows fired simultaneously. When you run out of concussive charges, you will fire normal arrows again.
Highly effective against barriers.
Consumes a grenade.

Supply Pylon: 
Deploy an immobile pylon that supplies ammo and grenades. A built-in tech generator also increases maximum shields for nearby allies.
Only one pylon can be active at a time.
Ammo and grenades expire after 17.5 seconds.

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