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Name: Priem Ulysses
Age: 34
Race: Human
Homeworld: Velmor
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 350 lbs
Eye Color: Brown (Normal), Orange-yellow (Force Rage)
Skin Tone: Fair White to Tan (He has not taken his armor off in public for many years and those who have known him are either with him in seclusion or dead)

Born in the year 246 ABY as the illegitimate son of Priem Valkerie, Ulysses quickly rose through the ranks when his training began at seven years of age as was customary of those born into the ranks of the Jensaarai. His mother, a powerful Jensaarai herself, nurtured his edge as a wielder of the Force but he never gravitated to this as well as he did lightsaber and martial arts combat. Nonetheless, to make her happy, he discovered his association in the Force with largely the Dark Side (despite a spark that allowed some Light Side powers), something that would come in handy when his father began training him in lightsaber combat and armor forging.

When he was twenty, he was dubbed successor to Priem Valkerie, in the event Valkerie should die for any reason. Meanwhile, the Supremacy was gaining power which father and son recognized early on especially as a young Supremacy plutarch named Fallenstar took leadership. In the meantime, Ulysses was tasked with destroying a sect of dissenters that had arisen within the order of the Jensaarai under the command of a young man named Tyndareus Alecton. Trained as a Jensaarai himself (Jensaarai making up the honor guard of the Velmor Alliance’s elite), Ulysses had crossed paths with Tyndareus before and in the ensuing chaos of this battle, Alecton proved the superior Force user and lightsaber combat in a punishing volley of Ataru gymnastics. He also used a devastating volley of Force Lightning that scalded Ulysses’ flesh with the inside of his own armor, suggesting a reason he has not been seen with it off in public in addition to Jensaarai restrictions on such things in the first place.

Since then, Ulysses reminded himself that the reason Alecton was so powerful was because of his intimacy with the founding line of the Jensaarai (he was descended from the founder himself) and had once been offered the role of Saarai’kaar, leader of the Jensaarai and Captain of the Guard in the Velmorian Alliance. Shortly after that first fateful encounter with Alecton, Ulysses’ father declared war on the Supremacy and the Mandalorians before then suffering an assassination at the hands of Alecton and his dissenters with their rogue Mandalorian allies. Since then, Ulysses has taken up the leadership of the Council and has tried to the best he can as the only heir his father has ever had and being illegitimate to compound the intrigue.

In addition to his height and already splendid lightsaber skills, Ulysses carries two lightsabers at all times both of which are interesting nature. One, their pommels are magnetized so that if Jar'kai should fail, Ulysses can fall to his saberstaff skills and when that fails, both blades are dual-phased, allowing Ulysses to extend his reach to do tremendous before he has even been touched by his opponent. More than once, he has made his weapons into a saberstaff then extended a single blade full length so that it can sweep across and cut down many opponents at once though this has proven no match for the likes of Alecton and similarly skilled warriors.


Strength - Level III
Speed - Level II
Endurance - Level IV
Intelligence - Level III

Lightsaber Proficiency: Level III
Shii-Cho: Padawan
Makashi: Youngling
Soresu: Knight
Ataru: Youngling
Shien: Master
Djem/So: Master
Niman: Padawan
Jar’Kai: Padawan
Saberstaff: Padawan

Martial Arts: Level II
- K’tara
- Teräs Käsi

Force Powers:
Telekinesis- Level III Proficiency
Force Sense> Force Sight
Force Push> Force Whirlwind & Lightsaber Throw
Force Wound
Force Jump> Force Leap
Force Temperance> Force Breath
Force Persuasion
Comprehend Speech

Light Side Control- Level I

Force Blind
Force Mend
Force Absorb
Force Revitalize

Dark Side Control - Level III

Force Choke
Force Body> Force Infuse
Force Rage
Force Slow
Force Shock> Force Lightning
Tear Knowledge
Drain Life
Force Insanity
Force Fear
Memory Walk
Priem Ulysses
Priem Ulysses

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