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Name Aljazeer Sharva [under Felony's account]
Age 33
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant

Height 183 cm
Weight 85 kg
Eye colour Brown
Skin tone Dark

Former hacker, security technician of the Jedi Order

Growing up, Aljazeer Sharva was always the weird kid. He had always found more solace in the screen of a datapad than the faces of his peers. His mathematic reasoning and lust for challenge made coding and hacking a logical choice.

The Sharva family fell on hard times, and Aljazeer and his brother Imran reacted to this in two polar opposite ways: Imran tried to find legal routes to dig them out of trouble, while Aljazeer started to take money from their neighbours and people on the street. Once he realised he could do this more discreetly by electronic means, he tentatively started lifting small amounts from random bank accounts. He was never caught, except by his soon-to-be lawyer brother. Undeterred, Aljazeer's exploits became more and more brazen, and this time they weren't just for the sake of his family. Unwilling to turn him over to authorities but otherwise unable to stop him, the Sharva family forced him out in an effort to make him see the error of his ways.

Aljazeer then briefly flirted with the underworld as a hacker-for-hire. Soon, he would meet the love of his life, Lindian Shemari, who wanted a stable, safe life. He scrambled to clean up his act, and after a stint of underpaid retail jobs, applied as an understudy at a technology firm. For seven years he climbed the workplace ladder, doing more paperwork than anything else, and led a respectable life. It was during this time that he met young upstart, Charlise Yegkigu.

Soon though, his itch for adventure and risk would come back and he once again messed around with illegal activity, this time on company hours. He was fired within a short period, and Lindian threatened to leave him; Aljazeer became dangerously angry and violent at the suggestion. Recognising the toxicity of her husband's true nature for the first time, Lindian filed for divorce.

Aljazeer then applied to the Jedi Order, where he could put his knowledge to a more just cause, and where he was very unlikely to be accepted. They offered him a job within IT support, where he knew his talents would be wasted. Considering that the means justified the ends, Aljazeer used his powers maliciously one last time. When Republic police finally took him in, the Order intervened and offered him a choice: a five year minimum jail term, or a lifetime commitment to the tech team at the Temple.

Eight years later, and his time at the Temple had instilled within Sharva a lust for tracking and catching hackers. It was the most exciting thing he had done in years. He had worked his way up, and was no longer considered to be the outlaw techie he had first been introduced to the Jedi as. As well as his useful corporate contacts, he was now highly respectable in his field, and had helped to capture many of the most advanced hackers of the decade. Lindian kept in touch, but she kept her distance.

Sharva was part of the team that detected Serano's original breach when she was 16. She had used a similar technique to his when he had been hired by the Order, an effectively harmless call for attention, and he was ready to extend an olive branch to this prospective employee. However, the Order didn't want the team's input, and he didn't hear of her for several years after.

That changed when the galaxy learnt of Slaine Drucker's murder. Sharva started idly keeping tabs on Serano. His interest piqued when her computer suite was acquired by the Order. Instead of being destroyed, most of the department took a bit of interest in it. Since Serano was still alive, he started making his own enquires after her whereabouts. Eventually he got a hold of her mother's holocomm, which automatically diverted to Russo since he had recently dealt with all her business calls to CreativeTech which she had previously run (and subsequently crashed).

Weapon of choice

Character Control & Attributes List
Strength Level I
Speed Level I
Endurance Level I
Intelligence Level II

Lightsaber form NA

Martial arts
Stava Level I

Force powers NA

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