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Name Charlise Yegkigu (born Chay'egkigu) [under Felony's account]
Age 37
Race Twi'lek
Homeworld Ryloth

Height 165 cm
Weight 60 kg
Eye colour Purple
Skin tone Pale yellow

Co-founder and manager at AVARTech, Corellia branch

Chay'egkigu was born to a well-off family on Ryloth. As a child, she would concoct assorted entrepreneurial ventures and test them on her family and friends, not for the money, but for the pure interest of it. In school she showed natural talent for leadership and she had a way with words. She was known as an ambitious overachiever, and this manifested frequently as thinly veiled arrogance. She showed distrust of her culture.

She despised the objectification and exoticisation of Twl'leks, although not a direct victim of slavery herself. She wasn't necessarily interested in the liberation of her species as a whole; largely, she was worried that those who had ambitions above those of the regular Twi'lek would be laughed at. This grew into resentment for her new industry; she had joined the administration board of a technology firm on Coruscant, where she had gone to carve her name. She was the youngest on the admin, at only 23 with hardly any experience that wasn't on Ryloth. She had incredible drive, however, and nobody could stand in her way. By this stage he had all but disavowed her traditional culture, discarding her Twi'lek name.

While working she met a startup group with great potential but no business smarts. She orchestrated the success of the firm that came to be known as AVARTech, one of the most respected companies in the Republic worlds, ensuring the downfall of previous industry leader, CreativeTech. She was always ready to innovate, and was particularly progressive in her ideas about staff culture and its effects on efficiency. However, behind the brightly coloured cubicles and drinking nights, there was a darker driving force.

The company was always one step ahead of the law, and Yegkigu assured her peers that she did everything by the book. However, one day she fired an employee (under a grey area in dismissal laws) and they had leaked code and copyrighted information. Panicking momentarily, Yegkigu asked someone to take care of the situation. Poor communication led to the employee's death; naturally, Yegkigu was horrified and hurried to cover up the situation. The company continued tread the line of legality.

Yegkigu's continued close ties with Sharva proved to be her greatest business asset: AVARTech was subcontracted by the Jedi Order to write and debug software. To lend insider knowledge, Felony Serano was hired by the firm under Sharva's direction. The manager was both extremely pleased at the quality of Serano's work and concerned that she didn't participate in company activities.

Weapon of choice
Blaster pistols

Character Control & Attributes List
Level I
Speed Level I
Endurance Level II
Intelligence Level II

Lightsaber form NA

Martial arts NA

Force powers NA

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