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Roleplaying Within Galaxies  Empty Roleplaying Within Galaxies

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 06, 2016 2:27 pm


This is a message to all role-players within this site. Each galaxy shall start off separate from the others for now. You are free to role-play your character in their respective galaxy and the staff will announce when a large Universal event shall take place that your character can take a part in. 

There will be a time when an event will occur that shall bring the galaxies together for cross galactic line RP. However, that time is not yet present. 

Enjoy your respective galaxies and have fun with those within the community. We will update you all regularly on any major changes of the site. As we advance and grow there are bound to be some changes and updates needing to be made and we look to all of you to assist us in making this site as stream lined as possible. After all, without any of you this site would not be possible or as fun. 


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