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Name: Saine Kela
Age: 25
Race: Human
Homeworld: Ylesia

Height: 160 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Eye Color: green and pale blue (heterochromia)
Skin Tone: fair/tanned

Title: Doctor of Archaeology

Saine was born on Ylesia, a planet located on the outskirts of the Hutt territory, best known for exporting slaves and spices. It was not a good place to raise children, at least if it was not a criminal career. The story of Kurt and Vanessa was not particularly romantic. She worked at the bar, he enjoyed 'legal' mercenary work that ensured big payouts and ensured a decent cash flow at the time. In her mother's head raged the desperate thought of escaping from Ylesia, and she thought Kurt might be her ticket to suit the occasion. That did not mean, of course, that Vanessa was bound only by reason, but it definitely played the bigger part in her decision to get into a relationship with Kurt and eventually, form a family.

The family settled on Quellor, specifically in the capital of Terrina where Saine grew up. Her Mother became a homemaker, while her father decided on a career change and became a researcher who often traveled around the galaxy for various purposes as stipulated by his clients. Kurt spent most of his free time with his daughter, usually taking her on long walks during which he tried to interest Saine in knowledge and learning, and above all, wanted to implant in her the eternal curiosity about the unknown. The girl became infatuated with his father's enthusiasm and was eager to listen to his stories. Many times, she even asked him to take her with him on his research trips.

As a child, she was very restless, nervous and very emotional. It was easy for her to get out of balance, and her reactions were usually very volatile, which made her problems more difficult for her parents to bear. At this juncture, Kurt became even more willing to spend time with her, attempting to help shape his daughter's character in such a way as to give Saine the tools to control her (often violent) emotions in the future. Saine tried to apply her father's teachings as much as she could, but often times failed to bear failure in maintaining self-control and would ultimately take it very badly.

Saine's behavioral issues continued well into her teenage years at which point her father would start taking her along on his research trips. As she grew up, Saine began to realize just how important and exciting research work could be. She took great interest in all things since a very early age - as her father taught her - but now she was beginning to consider making it her own future career, as well. In the meantime, their trips would take on a more Indiana Jones-esque nature, getting more and more daring and thereby, dangerous. There was no job that Kurt was willing to turn down - and the bigger payout - the better.

She would eventually enter university and take up archaeology as her main area of study, but just prior to graduation a terrible accident would take place - changing her life, forever. While on a research trip designed to retrieve an artifact of Rakatan origin, Saine's father died in a massive landslide, and his daughter watched it happen, completely unable to help. As the landslide was followed by a sizable earthquake, Saine was forced to leave the area (and her father), buried under the rubble. This tragedy would leave a considerable mark on the girl. Having returned home, she informed her mother of what happened and then took to her room for many days to come. Craving isolation and death, she blamed herself for Kurt's demise.

In time, she would finally emerge out of her pain and anguish - and resume her studies. At long last, she was determined not only to finish her education, but also do the same with her father's work. She would continue and finish Kurt's research, but for that - she needed to become the best in her field. His death fueled Saine's determination and gave her the drive to rise to the top of her class. She finished her doctoral studies in only 3 years - with her thesis focused on the Architects (also known as "The Celestials"). After her title was granted, Saine was given unlimited access to the university's archives and library.

Before leaving her friends and loved ones behind to pursue the elusive career as one of the foremost rising stars in her field, Saine obtained an official piloting license for a medium freighter as well as a license to own a weapon. From then on, her hunting blaster became an inseparable friend; one she would undoubtedly use many times on her exciting and often perilous, travels throughout the known universe ...


Weapon of choice:
Sporting blaster/hunting pistol (not unlike a Penetrator MB-450 only of an applicable era)

Strength - Level I
Speed - Level II
Endurance - Level I
Intelligence - Level III

Lightsaber Form: N/A

Martial Arts: N/A

Force Powers/Biotics: N/A
Saine Kela
Saine Kela

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