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Codex of Galaxies

I. Respect Your Fellow Roleplayers.

  • We have all come to join this site for reasons of our own and in that respect we need to respect one another. This site cannot function appropriately without the cooperation of everyone. Roleplay (RP) is just that in the sense that it takes more than just one person to tango in any given thread. To write alone may be fun to some but it is not the same when being able to have an adventure with others who enjoy writing just as much as you do. 
  • There will be a strike policy for those who do offend this over time. For those who offend their first time there will be a one-on-one message from one of the staff who will speak with the offender on the sense of etiquette. 
  • For those who offend the second time, there will be probation from the creation of a new RP thread for one week. The offender will not be allowed to create a new thread with any character they own until the week has passed. 
  • For the third offense...the offender shall be placed on suspension from all RP on the site for two weeks in which case no thread may be created with any character they may own, and no one may continue RP on their behalf. [Should there be a special case in which a large scale RP is in progress, than the respective offenders character(s) shall be either allowed to continue based on special permission of administration, or a staff member will continue on the offenders behalf until they return.]

II. Godmodding Is Not Permitted. 

  • For those who are new to the term, Godmodding is a sense the abuse of power of a roleplayers character in RP. The roleplayer may, or may not intentionally alter the events of the thread against the will or consent of others involved. This can take a variety of forms being from changing day into night just to convenience his characters abilities at the last moment, or simply ignoring another characters actions altogether. 
  • EX: Garrus aimed down his sights with extreme precision as the barrel of his rifle prepared to fire on the enemy forces. 
  • Garrus aimed the barrel and fired his gun taking out the enemy without difficulty. The battle being won in an instant.
  • As you can tell from these sentences alone, the first one in green is preferred unless you have advance permission from another roleplayer that you can take out their character(s) in RP. Communication is key!
  • 1st offense: roleplayer is contacted and forced to correct their mistake. staff member may even give grounds for the victim to utilize a "revenge."
  • 2nd offense: roleplayer is placed on probation for one week from public RP.
  • 3rd offense: roleplayer is placed on suspension for two weeks from public RP. 
  • 4th offense: roleplayer is placed on suspension from the site for three weeks.
  • 5th offense: roleplayer is removed from the site.

III. NO Mary/Gary Su.

  • If new to this term as well, please understand that it is very unpleasant to those familiar with the term and being involved with those characters that fit this title fantastically well. It is in a sense a character that is for the most part, perfect.

  • A character that is capable of almost anything is not what RP is all about. Characters on this site must portray weakness and strengths just like anything else in real life. This should make sense as none of us involved on this site is perfect at all. We may think of ourselves as being pretty damn close but no matter how close we are, we are not absolute. 

  • 1st offense: roleplayer is contacted and made to correct biography accordingly and sought to define weakness where they are applicable. 
  • 2nd offense: roleplayer suspended from public RP for one week.
  • 3rd offense: roleplayer suspended from public RP for two weeks.
  • 4th offense: roleplayer suspended from site. 
  • 5th offense: roleplayer removed from site. 

IV. Have Fun!

  • Easy enough we would think. Just do what you love and enjoy doing it with those who enjoy it as much as you. This site always for great adventure and there is no telling where your writing may take you here. 

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