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(Work In Progress)


Note, there are attributes not named in its own separate system because they usually
increase with the rise of some of the named ones. For example, with the increase of Speed
and Endurance comes an increase in Reflexes and Willpower, respectively. The reasoning
is that one who has greater speed would also have greater reflexes so as to anticipate a
violent or nonviolent approach before it comes. Likewise, it is believed that Will increases
with Endurance because one cannot find out their endurance unless they are mentally
prepared to test their physical limit. It is also usually wise to assume that where Strength
increases, so does Endurance as greater Strength means greater ability to withstand pain.

Something else to note is that Level Five in any attribute will usually be off limits to all
except god tier level characters and celestial beings but it is possible for a select few to achieve this level
under logical and special circumstances.

Due to their commonality in all galaxies, humans are used as the standard for this chart of
attributes. However, actual power levels can vary with the species (so adjust accordingly and ask and admin for further assistance) and some attributes do not necessarily need each other. E.g. Strength does not need to come
hand in hand with Endurance even if this can be expected to be normal. Speed also does
not need endurance to be obtained but it is recommended especially as one advances.


  • Level I: Character displays average strength for their species or less. In humans and more similar creatures, this would mean being capable of lifting their own weight in materials. Absence of this is found in those who are crippled, somehow diseased, or weakened in some other way.
  • Ex: All races will start here unless your race falls in exception of this rule. You must ask an administrator before taking on a level higher than the standard. 

  • Level II: Character displays above average strength, capable of lifting slightly more than their own body weight in anyway. For a two hundred pound human, this means being able to lift two hundred and fifty pounds. Typical professions of these humans include several types of athletics and entry level positions in armies. Muscle is much more pronounced.
  • Ex: A Krogan or character will always start with Level II Strength. Again, ask an administrator for further assistance. 

  • Level III: Character displays far superior strength than even above average. In humans, this would be the equivalent of a professional bodybuilder or soldiers trained for missions with the greatest classification, usually the “elite” squadrons. Muscle can and often does substitute fat in entirety within human beings which can be cumbersome.
  • Ex: This type of level would entail being on par with a Krogan Battlemaster. 

  • Level IV: Character displays the strength of demigods like Hercules and Ajax (for their species). Muscle in humans is as pronounce as it comes and their aura reeks of physical power.
  • Ex: Think of a Rancor or something close to this. 

  • Level V: Character displays the strength of immortals. Usually off limits to all except gods or celestial beings of all sorts. Those with level four strength can achieve this by becoming gods themselves. 


  • Level I: Character displays average speed for their species. For humans, this means being able to run no more than the average velocity (10-15 mph roughly). In combat, this means average reflexes and average registration of approaching objects.

  • Level II: Slightly above average ability to move across an area, whether this be a battlefield or otherwise. For humans, this means being able to run somewhere to closer to 20 mph and having slightly greater combat reflexes.
  • Ex: An Echani character will start at this level and similar to this would be a Vulcan, or Asari.

  • Level III: Character displays speed like a cheetah (or species equivalent), capable of running with immense bursts of speed and covering vast distances within minutes. However, it is usually a good idea to be sure to increase Endurance unless one wishes to sap their physical resources after a few bursts.

  • Level IV: Character is the fastest moving members of their species in existence. For humans, this would mean the ability to run across vast bodies of water and entire continents with a matter of mere minutes. Endurance is necessary to ensure that this does not sap the resources of the character after one great burst.

  • Level V: As with strength, this is usually off limits to all except gods and immortal deities. Should a character achieve this, however, they will be able to move with the speed of Hermes not across continents but across the void of space and entire worlds.

  • Level IV characters can achieve this level of strength only by becoming gods themselves.


  • Level I: Character displays average endurance for their species. In humans, this means the ability to handle all cuts, bruises, and fractures typical of different professions. Recovery time from injuries is also average for the species

  • Level II: Character displays slightly above average endurance for their species. In humans, this usually manifests itself among professional athletes and entry level militaristic positions. Recovery time decreases as the level of endurance rises.
  • Ex: Those races that would be included would be a Drell, Echani, Krogan, etc. Ask administrator if you are uncertain of your character. 

  • Level III: Character displays far above average abilities of endurance. In humans, this can be found among Olympic athletes or elite squadrons of soldiers like the US Navy Seals. These types of humans or nonhuman species will be extremely difficult to kill even by the standards of their species as their healing prowess's are also extremely low. In the history of humans, this has manifested itself in warriors who have been impaled with several spears and arrows or even impaled with a light saber yet survived.

  • Level IV: Character displays such high levels of endurance that they can even heal from wounds within a matter of minutes or even as low as hours. Depending on the species, limbs and even heads can be regenerated and the severed appendages can form cloned versions of their former host. Within the Antari Galaxy, this endurance is usually achieved by Mastery of certain Dark or Light Side Force Powers that can heighten all of one’s physical abilities.
  • Ex: Some Krogan may grow to this level but they would need to be near perfect Krogan from birth. Those that fit this level would be Urdnot Wrex and Grunt. 


  • Level V: As with the previous attributes mentioned, this is usually off limits to gods or other celestial deities. Where a Level IV can regenerate from wounds, wounds can usually only be inflicted by another god or celestial but mortal weapons bounce off the skin like an indestructible chain mail. As with the other attributes, this level of Endurance can usually be achieved when a Level IV character becomes a god or celestial.
  • Ex: This would pertain most closely to a Leviathan. 


  • Level I: Average intelligence for one’s species. For humans, this means competence in basic thinking and problem solving at roughly an average rate.


  • Level II: Slightly above average intelligence for one species. In humans, this means technicians, mathematicians, scientists of all sorts, and politicians to name a few. Basic thinking is advanced and problem solving is nearly double the rate of level one.
  • Ex: As per the administration a few characters will be able to reach this level at the start some being: Prothean, Salarian, Borg, etc. 


  • Level III: ‘Genius’ level intellect for one’s species. Human figures who have exhibited this level of intelligence include Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Mark Twain, Socrates, and Alexander the Great, to name a few. Basic thinking is advanced as is usually possible for one species and problem solving is usually the fastest seen for said species. Seldom capable of making a wrong move or being outsmarted except by beings on the same level or higher.

  • Level IV: ‘Enlightened’ levels of knowledge and/or wisdom, achieved by very few. For humans, beings considered at this level are Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) and Sherlock Holmes, to name two. Not only is basic thinking as advanced as can be achieved of mortals but problem solving is so fast that beings who fit here are often thought to have plans within plans within plans within plans for the future and nearly never make a wrong move.

  • Level V: In the galaxy of the Federation, the only being likely to have achieved this level are deities like the Greek goddess Athena or the Egyptian god Thoth. This is another attribute where, normally, only gods or celestial deities are capable of achieving. But also like the other attributes, this can be achieved by a Level IV who becomes a god for good reason.

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[VITAL INFO] Character Controls & Attributes  Empty Re: [VITAL INFO] Character Controls & Attributes

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For all other prerequisites that may not be in this thread, please go back to Roleplay Information Forum to find more information that may pertain to your character. Feel free to ask an administrator for assistance!

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