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Name: Cassius Nazadros
Race: Turian
Homeworld: Benning – Arcturus Stream
Height: 6’4’’
Weight: 217lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Grey
TITLE/RANK: Councilor (Council of Oversight - Eezo Galaxy)

The life of a Turian can be difficult and most especially for the males who are raised in manners expected for the betterment of their military hierarchy. To serve within the defensive arm of Turian Command was considered a great honor and more so with the blessing of the Leviathan Supremacy. This said, Cassius was often ostracized by his kin within the city of Siris, which just so happened to be the capital of Benning.
Born in the year of 2241 CE, Cassius’ family held a rather distinguished title as both his father and mother worked within the government of Benning itself. Having this advantaged, Cassius was able to go to the best schools available and even make frequent visits to the capital world of Turian Command, Palaven. It was upon the capital world of the Turians that the young Nazadros was able to gain admission into the Military Academy on Menae. Menae is where he would study and harden over the next twenty years.
Within the Academy, Cassius would learn of the Turians long history even before the Uplifting from the Leviathan race. The Leviathans from his studies were almost viewed as gods to his people and revered above all else in the galaxy as saviors. Cassius never could see them in the same way and perhaps that was just one more thing that isolated him so much from his peers. Nevertheless, he was able to catch the eye of one female Turian named Camilea. At first they held some reservations of one another and their relationship was strictly within their studies and training alone. However, that all changed soon after Cassius decided that it was time to break the ice. He expressed his strong feelings to her and their time together. She found it amusing to see one so elevated in society be so interested in one so simple as herself, for she was merely the daughter of a single mother that worked as an indentured servant.
It would be in the year of 2262 that Cassius would be involved in the rising conflicts of the Citadel Wars. This war would cause a ripple that could be felt across the galaxy and it brought an even greater affect to both Camilea and Cassius. Torn by war and taken on varying assignment across the galaxy, they could hardly ever contact one another and the more the war progressed, so did Cassius’ title.
In 2266, Cassius would be credited for a significant gain on the planet of Cyone within the Silean Nebula. A prime planet occupied by a number of Asari Matriarchs dating back for millenniums, Cyone was seen as a highly valuable resource and strategic advantage for retaking the Citadel from the traitorous Citadel Council. With this knowledge it would be Turian Command who would spear head the campaign for taking the planet from Asari control. From the many platoons that were launched, it would be Cassius’ own platoon that was given the most vital mission of all…take the main headquarters of the Asari Matriarchs. The battle above was bad and when the units believed things were getting too tough they reminded themselves that they weren’t on a ship that could be blown to dust in any moment. It was terrifying to think about and the ground war wasn’t any kind of consultation. Cassius saw first-hand the damage a Matriarch could do to just a handful of soldiers and of his own unit…he was the only one left alive at the end of the battle.
For his bravery and steadfast dedication toward the Turian cause, Cassius was honored by being accepted to the Archangels, an elite force of soldiers under the Council of Oversight. From the years of 2267-2273, Cassius would go on a number of elite task missions under the Councils blessing. It was also within these years that Cassius was able to spend a lot of time with his dearest beloved, Camliea. Much of their time was spent after hours and they would take a number of tours to varying planets under the protection of the Leviathan Supremacy. In the year of 2271 is when Cassius would propose marriage and in the succeeding year they would bare their first child, Saren.
Cassius would soon be contacted by military leaders and members from other allied races for their desire for him to enter into the political arm. The prospect was daunting and not at all what he had ever wanted. Politics was something suited for one far more experienced and mentored in the area of diplomacy. For him it was a job made for a single man who desired nothing but power and influence to sway millions. It wasn’t far from the truth, but after being contacted by his old mentor in the Academy, he eyes were opened to the impact he could potentially have in restoring order and peace. He knew what this war had wrought on so many families and it was the thought of his own family that eventually pushed him to enter into the Citadel Arms and Suppression Force Council. His tenure would be spend working on military strategies and establishing stronger tides with other races not fully drawn into either side of the war.

His success on a number of issues would give him notice for consideration within the Council of Oversight and a prime candidate for a speaker of his people. It would be within the year of 2286 that Cassius would be taken into the ranks of the Council of Oversight as the new representative between his people and the Leviathan Supremacy.


Strength - Level II
Speed - Level I
Endurance - Level II
Intelligence - Level III

Blade Combat Form: Level IV

Martial Arts: Level III - Trainer 

  • Aikido
  • Judo

Force Powers/Biotics: N/A

Tech Powers:

  • Base Tech:
  • Omni-tool
  • Damping 
  • Decryption 
  • First Aid
  • Overload

  • Advanced Tech:
  • Cloak
  • Shield Boost
  • Tech Armor
  • Electric Slash 
  • Homing Grenade

  • Professional Tech:
  • Omni-Blade
  • Tactical Cloak
  • Tactical Scan
  • Energy Drain
  • Incinerate 
  • Stimulate Pack

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