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Roleplay Character Application

This thread is a helpful guide to creating new Roleplay Characters for existing Galaxies members. The forum for applying to the site is located http://galaxiesonline.forumotion.com/f4-character-applications.

To apply with a new Roleplay Character, you must provide a number of details before that character can officially be used in any plotlines or stories which involve this character. This ensures that no characters which are potentially rule-breaking or borderline GM are brought into the Galaxies Roleplaying Community, without first being vetted and checked by an administrator. This forum is so that the guidelines are uniform across the site - so that no characters get left behind or forgotten, and that due process is taken care of while problem character traits can still be fixed or altered without the need for undue stress.

To make this uniform, the requirements to apply with a new character are as follows;

  • The character must have a decent biography.
    By decent biography, this means that the main characteristics of a character as they arrive in the Galaxies Community must be reasonably explained. For simple characters, like a Shoe Maker on Earth, their backstory might only consist of a couple of paragraphs explaining how they entered into the shoe making business, and what is their main motivation for being a roleplay character. Perhaps his shop burnt down, or his family was abducted. There are no surprises in the manner of the backstory - certain facts may be omitted (if you want to allude to the fact that his daughter actually staged the abduction, for instance) but for the most part the biography exists to get into the mind of the character.

    The biography is also a helpful tool for the writer, to get into the mindset of a character. There have been plenty of times that I've been writing a backstory for a character I've been thinking about, when I realize something important about their past. Something that gives the character dimension, or could potentially be a problem in the future. It can give you a clue on what sort of problems they might face in the future - and let you into the mind of the character you intend on sending out into the world.

  • Your character must have a profile picture, and a purpose.
    Like all characters that apply to the Galaxies site, you are required to have an avatar which in some way represents your Roleplay character. They must also have a purpose for existing - and comply with the site rules about characters (including Mary Sue / Godmodding). Characters should not exist for the purpose of a single RP, Roleplay Characters are expected to grow, learn and be a part of the community in their own way. They should not simply be support characters for another character's benefit, they need to have their own agendas and goals.

  • Your character WILL need to have limitations at the start. [Character Controls & Attributes] To this respect, your character will need to have a review of the following forum to see where your character will start in regards to level and power within Galaxies. No character will ever start all supreme or almighty without first having some limitations set forth. Roleplay is a chance to grow your character and the limits your character will hold are set only by your degree of writing. Enhance your writing and your character shall also progress with you. Should you have a question on where your character lies in the balance of power, do not hesitate to ask the staff or administration for guidance. You will find a link to the forum you need to visit here. 

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